Why do you love your hometown?

Why do you love your hometown?

There’s no place like home Whether you still live there or not, your hometown will always be your home. This is the place you grew up, went to school, and made all your friends and memories. Your hometown is where you made your first friends, where you grew up and became the person you are today.

What do I love about my city?

12 reasons that tell you love your city no matter whatUnlike the other cities, my city feels like home. Your city has places to eat at any time of the day. Because things are getting better here. You can never be bored here. And aaah! You know your people, you are comfortable being in the most crowded places of your city.

What problems face hometown?

What are some environmental problems faced by your hometown? Answer: As I told earlier, air pollution is the biggest stumbling block for many people living here as they are suffering from diseases. Apart from this, water pollution is also polluting our rivers.

What are the problems in the city?

Major issues and problems confronting US cities today include those involving fiscal difficulties, crowding, housing, traffic, pollution, public education, and crime. Several of these problems stem directly from the fact that cities involve large numbers of people living in a relatively small amount of space.

Is there good scenery in your hometown or does your hometown has a lot of scenic views?

Is there any beautiful scenery in your hometown? Yes there is but I don’t consider it as jaw-dropping or extra-ordinary scenery, it’s just a typical view of the countryside. There are mountains and forests where hikers usually visit and there’s one big lake where people can enjoy fishing, especially in summer.

What do you do ielts speaking?

Main Topics for IELTS Speaking Part 1Work. What is your job? Study. What do you study? Hometown. Where is your hometown? Home. Where is your home? Art. Are you good at art? Birthdays. Do you enjoy your birthdays? Computers. Do you often use a computer? Daily Routine. When do you usually get up in the morning?

Do you like spending time by yourself ielts?

Yes, I’d like to stay alone for some period of time if I have to do something without interruption. But if I have spare time, I would prefer stay with my friends to enjoy the free time. I really enjoy being alone in the weekend morning, reading some books and playing computer games.

Do you usually spend time by yourself ielts speaking?

Do you usually spend time by yourself? I am a very talkative person, so it is tough for me to live alone, but it happens quite frequently. I think everybody needs some time to themselves because it is the best way to relax the mind and a person can collect some new energy for further work.

How do you usually spend your time by yourself?

Below are some tips for successfully doing just that, and actually enjoying it.Ease Into Alone Time. Be Your Own Source Of Validation. Get On Board With Those Hobbies. Don’t Check Your Phone. Realize It’s Time To Be Your Truest Self. Go Out On The Town. Use The Time To Your Advantage. Tell Yourself “This Is Good For Me”

What do you do when you alone?

Here some things that you can do if you feel alone lonely:Close your eyes and breathe. Save Pin. Treat yourself as a child. I guess you usually talk to yourself. Watch Now. 7 Hacks To Start Talking to Strangers with Ease. Cook. Do some crafts. Go for a walk. Watch your photos or organize them. Go to the cinema.

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