Why did Sneijder leave Real Madrid?

Why did Sneijder leave Real Madrid?

Well, the Dutchman has revealed all in his new autobiography, citing Madrid’s nightlife and his struggles with alcohol as the primary reasons for his downfall. Sneijder writes, per Mirror: “I was not aware that moving to Real also meant I moved into the nightlife of Madrid. “I got sucked into it.

Where is Sneijder now?

After retiring, Sneijder agreed to join the FC Utrecht Business Club, where he will watch home games this season from the comfort of his own skybox at the Dutch outfit’s stadium.

Did Sneijder deserve Ballon d’Or 2010?

Ballon D’Or 2010: Wesley Sneijder Snubbed by Comic FIFA in Favour of Barca Trio. FIFA has shortlisted the top three players for the 2010 Ballon d’Or honour.

Is Sneijder retired?

Al-Gharafa On 12 August 2019, Sneijder announced his decision to retire from football, and begin working for FC Utrecht.

How good was Wesley Sneijder?

Sneijder also won Eredivisie, La Liga and Super Lig titles with Ajax, Real Madrid and Galatasaray respectively, and won the Silver Boot and Bronze Ball awards at the 2010 World Cup. Sneijder also discussed the best teammate he ever had and Spanish midfielder Guti earns the honour.

Why did Sneijder join Galatasaray?

Because I am a winner, I play for prizes, so I went to Galatasaray because I thought that I would win more at Galatasaray and be champion than at Liverpool, and I think afterwards that I made the right choice. “I have had nice years in Turkey.”

What has Wesley Sneijder won?

Wesley Sneijder

Titles and season
1x Spanish Super Cup winner
07/08 Real Madrid
2x Turkish champion
14/15 Galatasaray A.S.

Did Sneijder get robbed?

Wesley Sneijder was robbed of a well deserved Ballon d’Or in broad daylight, it was a blatant case of injustice. Let alone win the Ballon d’Or, it was criminal of FIFA and simply outrageous that he was not even amog the top three ( Messi, who eventually won, Xavi and Iniesta). Why?

Why did Sneijder leave Inter?

Part of this resurgence has been due to tactical adjustments by Stramaccioni and part because of a huge improvement in the team’s defense. But Sneijder, due to injury and being withheld from the first team during his contract dispute, has been small party to it.

Why did Wesley Sneijder leave Inter?

Galatasaray playmaker Wesley Sneijder has said that he maintains a “good relationship” with his former club Inter Milan. The Netherlands international joined the Turkish giants from Inter in January following a contract dispute that saw him left out of the team for weeks.

Is Wesley Sneijder Greek?

During an interview in a radio station in Thessaloniki, Sneijder’s brother Rodney confirmed that he and Wesley Sneijder (along with their other brother Jeffrey) have part-Greek descent, since their grandmother (their father’s mother) was a Greek woman born in Kavala, Macedonia, Greece and moved to Utrecht before World …

When did Sneijder join Real Madrid?

On 6 May 2007, Sneijder played for Ajax in the final of the KNVB Cup as the team defeated AZ on a penalty shootout. On 12 August 2007, Ajax agreed to sell Sneijder to Real Madrid for € 27 million, according to the club’s website, making him the second most expensive Dutch football player.

What number did Thierry Sneijder wear for Real Madrid?

Sneijder was the second of three Dutchmen to sign for Real Madrid during the 2007–08 season, joining Royston Drenthe and Arjen Robben. He also was given the number 23, which had been previously worn by David Beckham for four seasons at Real.

Did Wesley Sneijder block Rodney’s transfer to Real Madrid?

In May 2008, it was reported that Sneijder had blocked a summer transfer of Rodney to his own club at the time, Real Madrid. Wesley Sneijder said, “Real Madrid wanted him and Rodney was very happy about that. But when I heard [of it], I stopped the discussions.

Who is Derby County legend Steven Sneijder?

Sneijder was the second of three Dutchmen to sign for Real Madrid during the 2007–08 season, joining Royston Drenthe and Arjen Robben.

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