Why are Scotty Cameron Circle T so expensive?

Why are Scotty Cameron Circle T so expensive?

Carbon Steel, German Stainless and Surgical Stainless are the most common high-end materials you’ll find when it comes to a Circle T putter. Due to the materials, unique finishes and time it takes to create a Tour version of, say, a Newport or Newport 2, it’s easy to see why the price goes up exponentially.

Is the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 forgiving?

Forgiveness. Scotty Cameron’s are not built for forgiveness but for golfers who consistently hit the sweet spot of the putter. However, Scotty Cameron claims that the weight distribution increases the sweet spot to offset any slight mishit.

What year is my Scotty Cameron Newport 2?

Select Newport 2 (2012)

What is a Circle T Scotty?

The Circle T was originally Scotty Cameron’s way to designate something was made for a Tour player. As the stamp evolved into the Circle T and appearing on more putters in the bags of big professional names, so did the Circle T’s mystique.

What is SSS Scotty Cameron?

This putter is flashy. SSS on the neck means Surgical Stainless Steel.

Is the Newport 2 Face balanced?

Featuring a mid-milled face pattern, the iconic Newport 2 blade features a flatter, narrower topline, a redesigned plumbing neck, performance balanced tungsten sole weights for a larger sweet spot and enhanced stability, as well as a soft tri-sole design for effortless setup.

Are Scotty Cameron putters any good?

In my opinion, the Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 is the best Cameron putter in a long time. Getting back to a “one-piece” construction improves the feel and feedback, and the look is excellent. There’s nothing revolutionary here whatsoever, but for fans of Cameron, this is a worthy addition to the collection.

How do I find my Scotty Cameron serial number?

The shaft band and serial number will be on top of the shaft on the real putter. The serial number will be etched on the shaft of the putter. You can enter the seven digit serial number on the Scotty Cameron website here.

What does SSS stand for Scotty Cameron?

Vizanko pointed out the prototype Matsuyama tested was made out of a high-end Surgical Stainless Steel (“SSS”) head material that differs from the German Stainless Steel (“GSS”) he’s used in the past. The initial putter for Matsuyama was made out of SSS because Cameron was still waiting on GSS heads to arrive.

What does GSS stand for in Scotty Cameron?

German Stainless Steel
GSS. Trademarked by Scotty to signify the highest quality stainless steel he’s found for putter making, GSS stands for German Stainless Steel.

What are Scotty Cameron putters made out of?

Each putter is milled in California from a solid block of 303 Stainless Steel.

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