Who was the serial killer in The Bill series 18?

Who was the serial killer in The Bill series 18?

With both failing to crack under pressure, Webb breaks the news to Meadows. Singh goes off to grill prime suspect Jeff Simpson, but when his assault of Simpson comes to light, the relief realise they can’t nail the man they are certain is the killer.

How many episodes of The Bill are there total?

2,400The Bill / Number of episodes

What Happened to Cass Rickman in The Bill?

She appeared in the ITV police procedural drama The Bill as PC Cass Rickman from 1999 to 2002. Her character was killed off in the highly rated Sun Hill Serial Killer storyline. Since leaving The Bill Suzanne has done little work on TV….

Suzanne Maddock
Occupation Actress

What was the last series and episode of The Bill?

RespectThe Bill / Latest episode
Episode nos. “Respect” is the two-part series finale of the United Kingdom’s longest-running police procedural television drama series, The Bill. The episodes were written by David Harsent and directed by Reza Moradi, and aired on ITV1 on 24 and 31 August 2010.

When did Cathy Bradford leave The Bill?

Contents. Jim Carver: Cathy Bradford?! She’s got about as much Community Spirit as Adolf Hitler! PC Cathy Bradford was a character in The Bill between 2002 and 2004.

What happened to Tom Chandler in The Bill?

Webb and Meadows notified CIB about all the business and Chandler knew the game was over. He took a gun to his office, holding the pregnant McAllister up at gunpoint, when Meadows barged in. Chandler shot himself, knowing he would have been caught.

Why did The Bill get Cancelled?

On 26 March 2010, ITV announced that it would be cancelling the series later that year after 26 years on air. ITV said that this decision reflected the “changing tastes” of viewers.

Is there a season 27 of The Bill?

‘The Bill’ cancelled after 26 years.

What happened to Nick in The Bill?

In the end Nick hung up his uniform when he became a vital witness to a shooting; he went deep into Witness Protection until criminal Dennis Weaver could be brought to justice.

What happened in the last episode of The Bill?

August 31, 2010The Bill / Final episode date

How many episodes are in the final season of The Bill?

The 26th series of The Bill, a British television drama, was the final series of the programme….The Bill (series 26)

The Bill
Season 26
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 31

Who kidnapped Sam’s daughter in The Bill?

DS Samantha Nixon also took centre stage in a storyline that saw her daughter Abigail abducted by Samantha’s ex-boyfriend Hugh Wallis, introduced as part of a long-running storyline targeting a serial rapist, a plot which would continue into series 21.

What are some of the episodes of the bill?

This is a list of The Bill episodes. “With Friends Like That…?” “Whose Side Are You On?” “What Are Little Boys Made Of?” First appearances of Insp Christine Frazer, PC Malcolm Haynes and SRO Marion Layland, PC Jim Carver becomes DC, first credited appearance of PC Tony Stamp.

Who are the guest stars on the bill?

Phillip Joseph, Raymond Llewellyn and Elizabeth Estensen guest star. In 2021, writer Candy Denman and director Jan Sargent recorded an Audio Commentary for this episode, released on The Bill Podcast Patreon Channel. Sean Maguire guest stars. Adrian Rawlins guest stars.

When did the bill series 18 come out in Australia?

On 14 August 2013, The Bill Series 18 Part 1 & 2 and The Bill Series 18 Part 3 & 4 DVD sets were released (in Australia). Part 4: Loaded – Taviner and Hollis head to Southend to rescue Hollis’ relationship with his girlfriend Helen.

What happened to series 18 of line of duty?

Series 18 became the first series to be broadcast in serial format, and generally, only one episode was broadcast per week. The style of the programme also noticeably changes, becoming less police procedural and more “soap opera”.

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