Who was Badi Muhsin?

Who was Badi Muhsin?

“Mr Badi Muhsin is a Kenyan household name and television icon who utilized his immense talent as a broadcast journalist to mentor generations of fine broadcasters during his many years at the national broadcaster KBC. “He was loyal to the core, steadfast and highly committed to his profession and employer KBC.

How old was Badi Muhsin?

aged 67
Veteran Television anchor Badi Muhsin (pictured) is dead, his family has confirmed. Muhsin, aged 67, died at a Mombasa Hotel on Friday afternoon at around 4.00 pm.

Which journalist died today in Kenya?

Detectives are investigating the death of BBC journalist Kate Mitchelle whose body was found at her Nairobi hotel room on Friday. Preliminary investigations show that the journalist may have been strangled to death by a man she had been with earlier at the hotel.

Where is Catherine Kasavuli?

Kasavuli will be hosting a new show dubbed ‘Legend Edition’ every Saturday on KBC Channel 1. In 2015, the 59-year old news anchor retired from the limelight to work behind the screens.

Who killed BBC reporter Kenya?

Details have emerged that Mr Tamati Mauti, who is suspected to have killed BBC’s Project Manager Kate Mitchell on the eighth floor of Ibis Styles Hotel in Westlands, had booked into a hotel room on the seventh floor with his girlfriend, Ms Michelle Akinyi.

Was Betty Barasa assassinated?

Barasa was shot dead at her home on April 7. Police said the gunmen behind the murder of Betty Barasa were on an assassination mission, police have said. The well-known journalist died of a single wound to the face by an AK-47 or other combat rifle on Tuesday night last week in Oloolua, Ngong.

Why was Kanda Bongo Man banned in Kenya?

However, for years that followed, Kanda Bongo Man was not allowed to step inside Kenya as rumours flew around that he had been caught in the arms of president Moi’s mistress. Others said it was a powerful politician’s mistress.

How old is Catherine Kasavuli?

About 60 years (1962)Catherine Kasavuli / Age

What happened to Kate Mitchell?

My sister, Kate Mitchell, who has died aged 42 in suspicious circumstances in Kenya, was a development worker with BBC Media Action, the BBC’s development charity. Kate was born in North Shields in Tyne and Wear, to Rodney Mitchell and his wife, Sue (nee Kennedy), who were both teachers.

What is BBC Media Action?

BBC Media Action is an independent charity that draws on the BBC’s fundamental values and editorial standards to guide its work; we are not funded by the licence fee. We run media and communication projects, which help people cope with crises, improve their health and hold leaders accountable – among much else.

Who killed Barasa?

Ms Barasa was killed on Wednesday night in Oloolua, Ngong, after robbers armed with AK-47 rifles accosted her as she drove into her compound from work and forced their way into the house where they demanded for money and other valuables.

Who is Betty Barasa?

Betty Barasa, a senior producer with the Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC), was waiting for the gate to her residence in Olulua to be opened when she was accosted by three men suspected to be thugs.

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