Who started ReVive Skateboards?

Who started ReVive Skateboards?

ReVive Skateboards was founded and is run by Andrew Shrock and Aaron Kyro, two skateboarders from Cincinnati who have become famous in the skateboarding community through Andy Schrock’s uber-popular Youtube channel (2.5M subscribers!).

How big is ReVive Skateboards?

31.5 INCHESMaterial
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Is Andy Schrock a pro skateboarder?

He is most famous for his YouTube channel ‘AndrewSchrock’, where he publishes videos on skateboarding, skateboards, comedy, and his daily life. Some of his videos feature other professional skateboarders.

How old is Haley?

About Haley Isaak I’m a 22 year old creator from California who makes skateboarding and lifestyle videos.

Who owns the company ReVive?

Founded in 1997 by plastic surgeon Gregory Brown, RéVive was sold to Shiseido Americas in 2016 before being bought by Tengram, which also owns Lime Crime, Cos Bar and Algenist.

Does Aaron Kyro own ReVive skateboards?

Aaron Kyro — ReVive Skateboards.

Who is currently the best skateboarder in the world?

Nyjah Huston Huston has won nineteen Street League’s (more than any other skateboarder in history), thirteen X-Games, and one Dew Tour, along with a seventh place in street at the recent Olympics. He is currently the highest paid professional skateboarder in the world!

Is Jonny Giger good?

Jonny Giger is – according to some – the best flat ground skater in the world, and by any measure very, very good (here’s a good sample).

Where does Andy Schrock work?

Andrew Schrock is an author, skateboarder, American YouTube star, and co-owner of Force Wheels and the founder of ReVive Skateboard.

How much money does Andy Schrock make?

More Facts of Andy Schrock

Full Name: Andy Schrock
Profession: Youtuber
Country: United States
Marital Status: married
Net Worth $10 million

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