Who sang original no regrets?

Who sang original no regrets?

Tom Rush
“No Regrets” is a song by folk and blues singer/songwriter Tom Rush. It is the final song on his 1968 album The Circle Game and was released as a single in the UK in January 1968 and in the US in April….No Regrets (Tom Rush song)

“No Regrets”
Single by Tom Rush
Label Elektra
Songwriter(s) Tom Rush
Producer(s) Arthur Gorson

Who sang No Regrets Midge?

Midge UreNo Regrets / ArtistJames Ure OBE is a Scottish musician, singer-songwriter and producer. His stage name, Midge, is a phonetic reversal of Jim, the diminutive form of his actual name. Ure enjoyed particular success in the 1970s and 1980s in bands including Slik, Thin Lizzy, Rich Kids and Visage, and as the frontman of Ultravox. Wikipedia

Who wrote no regrets?

Tom RushNo Regrets / LyricistTom Rush is an American folk and blues singer and songwriter. Wikipedia

Who played the guitar solo on the Walker Brothers No regrets?

Guitarist Big Jim Sullivan has… – Scott Engel (Walker) | Facebook.

When was Robbie Williams No Regrets released?

1999No Regrets / Released

Are the Walker brothers really brothers?

They weren’t British, they weren’t brothers, and their real names weren’t Walker, but Californians Scott Engel, John Maus, and Gary Leeds were briefly huge stars in England (and small ones in their native land) at the peak of the British Invasion.

How old is Rush?

81 years (February 8, 1941)Tom Rush / Age

What is the meaning of no regret?

Definition of No-regret measures: Measures which are worth implementing no matter which event actually happens whenever consequences are uncertain.

Does Neil Tennant sing on No regrets?

The song was written by Williams and Guy Chambers and features backing vocals by Neil Tennant of Pet Shop Boys and Neil Hannon of the Divine Comedy. In the United Kingdom, the song was released as a double A-side with a cover of Adam and the Ants’ “Antmusic”.

When was no regrets released by Robbie Williams?

Are the Walker Brothers still performing?

John and Gary Walker published their own joint autobiography, The Walker Brothers: No Regrets—Our Story, in 2009. John died at his Los Angeles home on May 7, 2011; Scott died in London on 22 March 2019, leaving Gary as the last surviving Walker brother.

Who is Scott Walker’s wife?

Tonette WalkerScott Kevin Walker / Wife (m. 1993)

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