Who plays Bubbles in Little Britain?

Who plays Bubbles in Little Britain?

According to the book Little Britain: The Complete Scripts and Stuff: Series Two, she arrived on 3/5/1998 and left on 9/12/2005….Bubbles DeVere.

Denise DeVere
Season(s) 2, 3
Played By Matt Lucas
Conflicts With Desiree DeVere

Where is Andy Pipkin from?

He spends his spare time helping his best friend Andy, who – unbeknownst to Lou – feigns the need for a wheelchair….Lou and Andy.

Lou Todd & Andy Pipkin
Portrayed by Lou: David Walliams Andy: Matt Lucas
In-universe information
Family Lou: Unnamed father Unnamed mother (deceased) Andy: Declan (brother)
Nationality British

What was the catchphrase in Little Britain?

”Yeah but no but yeah but”, the retort used by Little Britain’s ill-educated teenager Vicky Pollard, has been voted the funniest ever television catchphrase. The incoherent protest came top of the poll of 3,000 Brits, beating Homer Simpson’s ”Doh!”

How many characters did Matt Lucas play in Little Britain?

Lawrence, Emily’s Flirt, Ice Cream Man, Jeremy Rent, Joan, Kenny Craig, Minstrel, Mr. Cleaves, Neville Maddox, Officer Lindsay, Peter, Tax Inspector, Various Characters, Ye Olde Hotele Guest. Jump to: Photos (16)

How many kids has Vicky Pollard got?


Victoria Pollard
Spouse Many men
Sibling Katie Pollard Ricky Pollard Demi-Leigh Pollard
Child more than 12
Season(s) 1, 2, 3

Where can I watch Little Britain?

Watch Little Britain – Season 1 | Prime Video.

Who is Vicky Pollard based on?

Vicky Pollard is actually an incarnation of a 12-year-old schoolboy that Matt Lucas encountered in a shopping mall as part of a college documentary project in 1993. Lucas asked the boy “How are you?”, to which he replied “Yeah, no, yeah, dunno!”.

Is Catherine Tate in Little Britain?

Little Britain Comic Relief Sketch, 2015 Guest stars included Stephen Hawking and Catherine Tate.

Is Vicky Pollard a man?

Vicky Pollard is actually an incarnation of a 12-year-old schoolboy that Matt Lucas encountered in a shopping mall as part of a college documentary project in 1993….Trivia.

Victoria Pollard
Age 15
Gender Female
Country UK
Occupation Various

How many series of Little Britain are there?


Little Britain
No. of series 3 (Original) 1 (USA)
No. of episodes 44 (list of episodes)
Running time 30 minutes

Why can’t I watch Little Britain?

Little Britain removed from Netflix and iPlayer due to offensive blackface characters. Matt Lucas and David Walliams’ comedy series is no longer available to stream.

Was Stephen Hawking in Little Britain?

David Walliams reprises his iconic character Lou for the exclusive return of Little Britain with a very special guest – Professor Stephen Hawking.

What are some quotes from Little Britain?

Little Britain Quotes. QuotesGram Matt Lucas and David Walliams, the creators of this character-comedy sketch show, delight in all that is mad, bad, quirky and generally bonkers about the people and places of Britain. Andy: Yea, I know. Vicky Pollard: Anyway don’t listen to her coz everyone knows her fanny goes sideways.

Why is it called Little England?

The programme’s title is an amalgamation of the terms ‘Little England’ and ‘Great Britain’, and is also, coincidentally, the name of a Victorian neighbourhood and a modern street in London.

Who are the creators of Little Britain?

Little Britain is a British character-based sketch comedy that was first broadcast on BBC radio and then turned into a television programme. It was written and performed by comic duo David Walliams and Matt Lucas.

What is the hypnotist saying in Little Britain?

Little Britain. Vicky Pollard: Yeah, but no, but yeah, but Little Britain. Kenny Craig [hypnotist]: Look into my eyes, look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don’t look around the eyes, look into my eyes.

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