Who owns Idaho Central Arena?

Who owns Idaho Central Arena?

Block 22 LLC
Idaho Central Arena

Owner Block 22 LLC
Operator Block 22 LLC
Capacity Ice hockey: 5,002 Basketball: 5,732 Concerts: 6,800 Boxing: 6,400
Surface Multi-surface

Does Boise have a professional hockey team?

The Idaho Steelheads are an American professional minor league ice hockey team based in Boise, Idaho, and a member of the ECHL. The Steelheads play in the Mountain Division of the ECHL’s Western Conference since the 2016–17 season.

Where does the Idaho Steelheads play?

Idaho Central ArenaIdaho Steelheads / Arena/Stadium

How big is Idaho Central Arena?

With a maximum seating capacity of 6,800 and 22,247 square feet of usable arena floor space, this versatile arena welcomes visitors from around the globe every year.

What league are the Idaho Steelheads?

the ECHL’s
Idaho Central Arena is the home of the ECHL’s Idaho Steelheads, the minor league affiliate of the National Hockey League’s Dallas Stars and the American Hockey League’s Texas Stars.

Where can I watch Idaho Steelheads?

For television and streaming, the Steelheads will broadcast all home games locally on Channel 72 for Sparklight cable subscribers. The home television production as well as road audio and production will now be streamed on FloHockey, the league’s exclusive online streaming service and new ECHL TV broadcast partner.

How much do ECHL players make?

The weekly salary floor for 2021-22 is $10,600. If the salary floor is not met, the difference must be split out equally and given out to the players on the active roster for that week. The salary cap is $14,400 for the first 30 days of the season, and $13,900 for the balance of the season.

Are the Idaho Steelheads good?

Since the early days in the former West Coast Hockey League, the Steelheads have always been highly regarded as a top-notch, professional sports team. Today, as members of the premier ‘AA’ minor hockey league-the ECHL, the Steelheads have continued to bolster their major league reputation.

How much do players in the ECHL make?

2020-21 – $51,000 U.S. 2021-22 – $52,000 U.S. 2022-23 – $52,500 U.S. 2023-24 – $52,725 U.S.

Who plays at Idaho Central Arena?

Idaho Steelheads
Idaho Jr. Steelheads
Idaho Central Arena/Teams

How many people does the Idaho central arena seat?

5,000 seat
The arena’s 5,000 seat arena bowl brings all fans right on top of the action, rocking with the energy of a sell-out crowd after a Steelheads goal and still offering the intimate atmosphere for your favorite concert.

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