Who is the real dad in my two dads?

Who is the real dad in my two dads?

Nicole’s actual paternity is never revealed on the show, but in the episode “Pop, the Question,” Michael and Joey — after a falling out — have a DNA test to determine which of them is Nicole’s biological father.

What is the story behind my two dads?

My Two Dads is a comedy series that ran on NBC from 1987 to 1990. Marcy Bradford, mother to twelve-year-old Nicole, passes away, leaving Nicole (Staci Keanan) to live with her father. Trouble is, Marcy was dating two different men when Nicole was conceived, and she never knew which was the father.

What was the last episode of My Two Dads?

See You in September?My Two Dads / Final episode

How many seasons does My Two Dads have?

3My Two Dads / Number of seasons

What does Staci Keanan do now?

Keanan joined the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office as a Deputy District Attorney in 2016 where she currently serves. As of January 2021, she is an Adjunct Associate Professor of Law at Southwestern Law School.

How old is Greg Evigan?

68 years (October 14, 1953)Greg Evigan / Age

What happened to the girl on My Two Dads?

Michael and Joey had difficulties splitting custody of daughter Nicole Bradford, but Staci had no trouble dividing her time. After starring for seven seasons as Dana Foster on Step by Step, she became a lawyer and then went on to be a deputy DA for Los Angeles County under her given name, Anastasia Sagorsky.

Is Staci Keanan married?

Guy BirtwhistleStaci Keanan / Spouse (m. 2017)

What happened Stacy Keenan?

Who is Staci Keanan married to?

Is Greg Evigan still married?

Gregory Ralph Evigan (born October 14, 1953) is an American film, stage, and television actor….

Greg Evigan
Occupation Actor composer producer
Years active 1971–present
Spouse(s) Pamela C. Serpe ​ ( m. 1979)​
Children Jason Vanessa Briana

Are Greg and Briana Evigan related?

Born in Los Angeles, Evigan is the daughter of actor Greg Evigan and his wife Pamela, a dancer, model and choreographer….

Briana Evigan
Occupation Actress dancer singer
Years active 1996–present
Parent(s) Greg Evigan (father)
Relatives Jason Evigan (brother) Vanessa Lee Evigan (sister)

Who are the actors in my Two Dads?

My Two Dads: Created by Danielle Alexandra, Michael Jacobs. With Paul Reiser, Staci Keanan, Florence Stanley, Greg Evigan. When Marcy Bradford dies, she leaves her teenage daughter, Nicole, in the custody of two ex-boyfriends – Michael, a straight-laced and formal man, and Joey, a wild artist. Menu Movies

Who’s Dad production companies?

Who’s Dad Production companies Columbia Pictures Television Michael Jacobs Productions TriStar Television See more company credits at IMDbPro Technical specs Edit Runtime 30minutes Color Color Sound mix

Does Nichole have two dads now?

In a sense, she now had two dads. When the show aired we had been in this situation for three years. This show gave her a connection to the rest of the world because she thought she was the only kids with two dads. The man who had adopted her was very money-oriented and I am an artist, so she felt a real connection to Nichole.

Who played Judge Wilbur on my Two Dads?

Florence Stanleyplayed the character of Judge Wilbur on My Two Dads (1987)and on Night Court (1984). Connections Featured in I Love the ’80s Strikes Back: 1988(2003) Soundtracks You Can Count On MePerformed by Greg Evigan User reviews18 Review Top review The show relates to real-life

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