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Who is the oldest person in the Navy?

Doug Forziati

How old are most Navy SEALs?

20-30 years old

Why do people fight?

One of the reasons behind the fight is whenever human being feel threatened about their lives or livelihoods they prefer to protect it and they choose to fight for it, usually human beings prefer peace but when they get threatened about their lives or about their people they choose to stand for it.

What is Army life really like?

A good social life is part of the Army package, and on base it often revolves around the Soldiers’ Club and Officers Mess, with their bars, TVs and activities. Some bases have cinemas and multipurpose halls too, and once through recruit training you can socialise off-base whenever you’re off duty.

Why does a soldier fight?

Soldiers fight because of the other members of their small unit. Most soldiers value honor and reputation more than their lives because life among comrades whom a soldier has failed seems lonely and worthless.

How many years can you serve in the army?

four years

Can you stay in the military forever?

How long are people who enter the Military obligated to serve? The length of commitment depends greatly on the chosen Service, required training and a number of other variables. Military personnel may retire after 20 years of service and must retire after 30 years of service in most cases.

Can you stay in the military for 40 years?

10 U.S. Code § 636: Mandates retirement for O8s after 35 years of active commissioned service or 5 years in grade, whichever is later; after 38 years of active commissioned service for O9s; and after 40 years of active commissioned service for O10s.

What is the army fighting for?

The Army is a powerful fighting force defending and serving our nation by land, sea and air. Elite groups within the Army, such as the Army Rangers and Special Forces, receive specialized training for advanced combat situations.

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