Who is the best Earth Spirit player?

Who is the best Earth Spirit player?

Earth SpiritPlayer Rankings

Rank Player Win Rate
1st EG.Cr1t- 22 hours ago 54.83%
2nd ) 3 days ago 62.33%
3rd sol 3 days ago 58.47%
4th – ah fu – 7 days ago 57.60%

What does Earth Spirit do?

Earth Spirit smashes the target enemy or ally, sending them in the direction he is facing. If Earth Spirit targets an area, he will smash the nearest Stone Remnant in a 200 radius. The travelling unit or Remnant damages all enemy units it hits.

Who works well with earth spirit?

Earth SpiritCounters

Hero Adv. Hero Win Rate
Shadow Demon 2.14% 52.24%
Drow Ranger 2.01% 47.02%
Nature’s Prophet 1.69% 55.68%
Arc Warden 1.63% 46.58%

Is Earth Spirit good in Dota?

ES was immensely potent as an early game roaming hero that had a stun and a silence. Mid to late game ES would transition into a utility hero that would initiate into fights with Rolling Boulder and just help itsteam wreck havoc with his ultimate Magnetize. Yes, Earth Spirit is a support hero.

What position is Earth Spirit?

Earth Spirit in a core position is best suited to be a position three hero, but not necessarily in the offlane. He excels at being a tanky frontline for his team, he is a good candidate for utility items and auras and his job isn’t to farm up and get even bigger—it is to get early levels and start making plays.

How do I get better at Earth Spirit?

Earth Spirit needs a lot of time to recharge Remnants after a team fight. Keep high aggression when playing against an Earth Spirit. Magnetize deals some substantial amounts of hurt. Don’t stand next to your team if you’re Magnetized and they’re not.

How do you make ember spirit?

Our recommended skill build is as follows:

  1. Alternate between Flame Guard / Sleight of Fist for the first five levels.
  2. Fire Remnant whenever available at levels six, 12 and 18.
  3. Max Sleight of Fist.
  4. Max Flame Guard.
  5. First point of Searing Chains at level nine.
  6. Level 10 Talent: +25 damage.
  7. Max Searing Chains.

Why is Earth Spirit so hard?

But the big reason he was hit harder than most heroes is that his attribute growth is absolutely terrifying. Earth Spirit gets 4.4 Strength and 2.4 Agility per level: his Str growth is second among all heroes and his Agi growth is second among all Strength heroes.

Is Earth spirit strong?

Earth Spirit is one of the strongest disabling heroes in the game, possessing a stun, silence, and slow in all of his basic abilities, allowing him to combo his abilities based on the needs of his allies and how he wants to affect his enemies.

Who is the best Ember Spirit player?

Ember SpiritPlayer Rankings

Rank Player Time Played
1st PSG.LGD.NothingToSay 19 hours ago 5d 18h 9m
2nd T1.Karl a day ago 14d 3h 49m
3rd iG.Emo 6 days ago 8d 16h 2m
4th Fnatic.ChYuaN 2 days ago 10d 11h 30m

Is Ember a good carry?

Ember spirit is a mobile mid game carry that is very dangerous all through out the game. Ember CAN carry late game against some hard carries, but he’s best when dealing enemies with huge numbers / summons.

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