Who is the best caster in Dota 2?

Who is the best caster in Dota 2?

[Top 10] Best Dota 2 Casters We Love!

  • Fogged.
  • Lacoste.
  • Sunsfan.
  • Xyclopz.
  • GoDz.
  • Synderen.
  • LD. If you’re a veteran player, you may instantly recognize this veteran caster.
  • ODPixel. If there is one voice that is resonant even with the most casual of dota spectators, it is obviously of ODPixel.

Who is the best Filipino Dota 2 player?

Djardel “DJ” Jicko Mampusti
1. Djardel “DJ” Jicko Mampusti. Who else could it be? DJ is arguably Filipino Dota 2’s most talented and skilled player.

Who is the caster of lakad matatag?

Aldrin Paulo “Dunoo” Pangan
Filipino caster Aldrin Paulo “Dunoo” Pangan, one half of the casting duo behind Dota 2’s iconic ‘Lakad Matatag, Normalin Normalin’ voice line, has died after contracting the coronavirus.

What rank is Sheever?

Sheever is ranked #1034 among 1167 Dota 2 players worldwide , #5 among 6 players in Netherlands by money won.

How much is KuKU salary?

Earnings By Year

Total Results
2021 $271,880.00 27.37%
2020 $31,900.00 3.21%
2019 $179,520.40 18.07%
2018 $87,507.86 8.81%

Who is the richest gamer in Philippines?

Top 100 Highest Earnings for Philippines

Player ID Player Name
1. KuKU Kuku Palad
2. DJ Djardel Jicko Mampusti
3. Tims Timothy Randrup
4. Raven Marc Polo Luis Fausto

Who is Dunoo?

Dota 2’s fall 2021 update includes a tribute to Filipino caster Aldrin Paulo “Dunoo” Pangan, who died last week of Covid-19: A seasonal guild reward featuring a trio of his his most famous voice lines for the in-game chat wheel.

What is Dota caster?

A Dota 2 caster is someone who commentates live tournament or pub games to an audience, similar to a sports caster of other sports. Casters play an essential role in the esports scene, providing insight, humor, excitement, and unique personality to games that would otherwise have to be enjoyed alone.

What rank is Sir action slacks?

SirActionSlacks is primarily a support player. He climbed MMR by spamming Warlock, an extremely strong sustaining support in the current Dota 2 patch. A support player’s ultimate goal is to enable their carry. Thus a support player’s end-game potential is also hard-capped by their carry.

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