Who is Tablo married to?

Who is Tablo married to?

Kang Hye-jungTablo / Spouse (m. 2009)Kang Hye-jung is a South Korean actress. Making her film debut in arthouse film Nabi, she rose to stardom and critical acclaim in Park Chan-wook’s 2003 revenge thriller Oldboy. Wikipedia

How old is Tablo?

41 years (July 22, 1980)Tablo / Age

What school did Tablo go to?

Tablo attended St. George’s School in Vancouver, British Columbia. He then transferred to Seoul International School. As a coterminal student at Stanford University, Tablo simultaneously attained a Bachelor’s Degree in English literature and a Master’s Degree in creative writing in four years.

How tall is Tablo?

5′ 9″Tablo / Height

How old is Epik High?

Epik High un/follow Epik High (에픽하이) is a Hip-Hop group under William Morris Endeavor (WME), consisting of 3 members; Tablo, Mithra Jin and Tukutz (formerly known as DJ Tukutz). The group debuted in 2003 under Woolim Entertainment but left shortly after.

Does Haru have a sibling?

Yuuzan Yoshida (吉田 優山?, lit. Yoshida Yūzan) is Yoshida Haru’s older brother. The two of them don’t really get along. Although Yūzan tries to get closer to his younger brother and understand him, Haru still doesn’t trust him.

Is Tablo still under YG?

2011-current: Return, solo career and Epik High comeback Although Tablo signed as a solo singer under YG Entertainment, he indicated that it did not mean that Epik High disbanded, nor that they would necessarily sign with YG as a group.

What cyber crime were committed against Tablo?

The online forum “We Request the Truth from Tablo” (TaJinYo) was the largest of these groups (Davis, 2011). Members of this group and other Internet users anonymously attacked and abused Lee online.

How much is Tablo worth?

Tablo Wiki

Full Name Tablo
Net Worth $1.5 Million
Date Of Birth 1980-07-22
Height 1.75 m
Occupation Rapper, record producer, songwriter, actor, author, entrepreneur

What are Epik High fans called?

– Tablo being a member of Epik High has the same fanclub name “High Skool” , there is no separate fanclub for any member.

When did Epik High disband?

However, he indicated that Epik High had not disbanded. In July 2012, it was confirmed that Epik High would be making a comeback as a group under YG Entertainment after a three-year hiatus. On October 9, the group released the single “It’s Cold” featuring the newly signed Lee Hi, to chart success.

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