Who is Ry Ryotaro Shiba?

Who is Ry Ryotaro Shiba?

Ryotaro Shiba was a Japanese author best known for his series of books based on historical events of Japan and the rest of North-east Asian areas and also their rich oriental culture, traditions, and stories of the legends.

What is Ryotaro Shiba’s book “A Tale of seventeenth-century Japan”?

A tale of seventeenth-century Japan, this Ryotaro Shiba book is written on the backdrop of one of the biggest changes Japan and north-east Asia has witnessed in its history. If historical novels are not really your cup of tea for a good read.

What is the relationship between Ryotaro Shiba’s Land of the Rising Sun?

The relationship the Land of the Rising Sun has with the rest of the world – socially, politically and culturally occurred time and again in the Ryotaro Shiba popular novels.

Who was the author Shiba Shiba?

Shiba was a prolific author who frequently wrote about the dramatic change Japan went through during the late Edo and early Meiji periods.

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