Who is Narset MTG?

Who is Narset MTG?

Description. Narset is a master of martial arts and mental discipline with an insatiable thirst for knowledge. Following her years of mystic and martial arts training under Dragonlord Ojutai, Narset has the ability to nullify magic used against her as well as intensify the magic of others.

Does Narset have autism?

Reading the new Uncharted Realms, I felt an enormous amount of sympathy for Narset, specifically with reference to the beginning sequence with her as a kid. The restlessness, the sensory overload, the self-distraction with counting and observation—these, to me, heavily code Narset as being autistic.

How old is Narset?

The new planeswalker art spoiled depicts a narset that appears to be in her 40’s, but if I recall correctly narset is likely on her 20’s.

Can you play lands with Narset enlightened master?

2014-09-20: You can’t play any land cards exiled with Narset.

Is Narset a cEDH?

Narset, Enlightened Master cEDH Deck.

Can you play a land with Narset?

You can’t play any land cards exiled with Narset. Because you’re already casting the card using an alternative cost (by casting it without paying its mana cost), you can’t pay any other alternative costs for the card, including casting it face down using the morph ability.

How does Narset’s reversal work?

Narset’s Reversal and the copy resolve before the original spell would have resolved. If a spell is returned to its owner’s hand, it’s removed from the stack and thus will not resolve. The spell isn’t countered; it just no longer exists. This works against a spell that can’t be countered.

Can Narset cast adventures?

Narset, Enlightened Master says you can cast non creature CARDS off of her trigger. Adventures are considered to be their original types in any zone other than the stack in rules.

Is Narset a good commander?

Narset is my main commander. Yes, she is by far not the strongest one in the game. She is random. And this particular build (infinite turns) requires a bunch of cards in the deck that are often dead weight in your opener.

Can you Narset reversal target itself?

It can copy another object already on the stack named Narset’s Reversal, but a spell cannot target itself.

Does Narset’s reversal go infinite with Kalamax?

Kalamax makes a copy of reversal since it’s an instant (assuming he’s tapped) and attempting to go infinite you target the first reversal.

Is Narset competitive?

This deck is VERY COMPETITIVE and it’s the top rated and top viewed Narset EDH deck on Tappedout. It’s been tested constantly for over 2 years and it’s now pretty close to be optimized.

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