Who is Jiggs son?

Who is Jiggs son?

Zorawar Kalra
Zorawar Kalra on launching three new restaurants and one delivery kitchen post the pandemic. From a series of modern Indian and Asian restaurants, to being a judge on the last season of MasterChef India, son of Jiggs Kalra, Zorawar Kalra is known to wear too many hats and do too many things at a time.

Who is the owner of Punjab Grill?

Jiggs Kalra, better known as the founder of Punjab Grill, the chain of restaurants that offers North-Indian cuisine, has inked a new joint venture with Mumbai-based Mirah Hospitality to promote a chain of restaurants and sweet shops.

Who is the owner of Farzi Cafe?

Dildeep Kalra Ltd. and the man behind it – Zorawar Kalra, is that of an articulate, intelligent and self-motivated lady. Her foresight, strong business acumen and a meticulous eye for detail makes Dildeep Kalra a visionary, who impresses and earns her commendable position as the Director of Massive Restaurants.

Who is the father of Indian cuisine?

Every facet of our lifestyle has that one cornerstone of inspiration that delivers our sense of what is good in the world.

Who is the owner of Pa Pa ya?

Zorawar Kalra (born 26 May 1977) is an Indian restaurateur. He is the son of Jiggs Kalra, the ‘Czar of Indian Cuisine’. He is the founder and managing director of Massive Restaurants Pvt Ltd, which owns brands such as Masala Library, Pa Pa Ya, Farzi Café, Made in Punjab and unique Asian eatery called Hotel ShangHigh.

How many restaurants does Zorawar Kalra have?

26 restaurants
Kalra now has 26 restaurants across nine brands in eight countries.

What is the concept of Farzi Cafe?

Focusing on the gourmet diner as well as the youth of India, Farzi Café aims to bring Indian cuisine back “in-Vogue”. “Farzi” can have many connotations, but at Farzi Café, it has just one, “creating an illusion” with its cuisine. Best described as a gourmet experience.

Which is the oldest Indian dish?

Aloo ki kachori is the oldest dish known in the country. This is a North Indian dish in which dough is separated into ball sized portions, stuffed with mashed potatoes mixed with garam masala, pulverized chili and salt for flavour. These are fried in oil and served with tamarind sauce.

What did India eat before potatoes?

Vegetables were mostly lotus root and stem, cucumbers, various types of sweet and sour and bitter melons, berries, lots of gourds, leaves such as methi (fenugreek), various flowers. In the South, besides this, lots of yams and starchy root vegetables were also heavily used, including sweet potatoes.

Who owns Papaya Restaurant?

Cafe Papaya is owned by director Ashiq Abu and his friends.

Who owns Swan Delhi?

Owner Zorawar Kalra
Owner Zorawar Kalra says, “We built Swan to cater to the sensibility of the modern day ladies and gents, with a focus on clean aesthetics and a romantic vibe.” And just to be clear, a swan on the menu is totally ruled out. The fine dine restaurant serves a mix of Japanese and Italian cuisines.

Are kids allowed in Farzi Cafe CP?

Yes kids are allowed.

Why is Jiggs Kalra called the Czar of Indian cuisine?

For dedicating his four-decade-long career to Indian food, Jiggs Kalra has been referred as the “czar of Indian cuisine” and “taste maker to the nation”.

How did Jiggs Kalra die?

Jiggs Kalra, celebrated chef, famous food columnist, restaurateur, author and food consultant, died this morning, reportedly after a long illness. He was 72. His son, Zorawar Kalra, said, “With profound grief and sadness, I would like to announce the demise of my beloved father, Jiggs Kalra.

Who is Jaspal Kalra?

Born Jaspal Inder Singh Kalra, he began his career as a journalist, working at The Illustrated Weekly of India, where he flourished under the editorial eye of Khushwant Singh.

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