Who is CTS?

Who is CTS?

Founded in 1989 as CompuTech Solutions, CTS has become a leading provider of total solutions for the enterprise IT and data center environment. Based in Methuen, Massachusetts, we have served clients in Boston, throughout New England, and across the US.

Why choose CTS North?

Founded as CompuTech Solutions, CTS North has been recognized as a leader in providing solutions for mission-critical data centers. Based in Methuen, Massachusetts, we serve Boston, New England, and the nation. Our portfolio of customers include financial firms, educational institutions, government, media, and Fortune 500 businesses.

Why choose CTS actuators?

Our actuator products make sure that a movement requirement gets effectively and accurately executed in the real world; in the cleanest or most challenging environments. CTS serves an assortment of applications in a variety of markets spanning the globe.

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