Who is Casagrande?

Who is Casagrande?

Casagrande is a world-class manufacturer of foundation equipment. It designs and produces large diameter piling rigs, equipment for diaphragm walls, small diameter drilling rigs, machines for tunnels, grouting plants and hydraulic crawler cranes.

How do I contact Casa Grande water company?

If you are located in the Casa Grande service area it is likely that you have service through Arizona Water Company, please contact them at (520) 836-8785. If you have Copper Mountain Ranch Water Company please contact Public Works at (520) 421-8625 or email or use our online system to report an issue.

Does the city of Casa Grande landfill accept batteries?

Does the City of Casa Grande Landfill accept batteries, latex water based paint, fluorescent light bulbs, and electronic equipment? The City of Casa Grande Landfill will accept these separated materials (batteries, latex water based paint, fluorescent light bulbs, and electronic equipment) for recycling for residents only.

What kind of drilling rig does Casagrande have?

The C3S XP-2 is Casagrande’s smallest drilling rig, designed to perform projects in the field of foundation and it’s particularly suited for soil investigations and micropiles. Having a weight… The Casagrande B400 XP-2 is a multifunction rig designed to drill Bored Piles up to 4500 mm max undermast diameter up to 99 m drilling depth or up to 35…

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