Who is Armaan Kohli GF?

Who is Armaan Kohli GF?

Ex-Big Boss contestant Armaan Kohli who made his Bollywood debut as a child artist in ‘Badle Ki Aag’, is again in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. Armaan recently allegedly assaulted his NRI Indian girlfriend Neeru Randhawa at his Juhu residence on June 3.

Are Armaan and Tanisha still together?

Tanishaa, who met Armaan during her stint at reality show Bigg Boss 7. The duo dated each other for over a year after the show ended before they called it quit. Buzz had it that Tanishaa reportedly slapped Armaan before ending the relationship with him.

What is the age of Armaan Kohli?

50 years (March 23, 1972)Armaan Kohli / Age

Who is Armaan Kohli parents?

Rajkumar Kohli
Armaan Kohli/Parents

Where is Arman Kohli now?

He is currently in prison since his arrest.

Where is Armaan Kohli right now?

Kohli’s attempts to be released from custody had received a setback last month when his bail application was dismissed by a Mumbai court. He is currently lodged at the Arthur Road jail.

Is Kajol and Tanisha relationship?

Just like sisters grow up to be each other’s best friends and trusted confidantes, Kajol and Tanisha, too, share a warm and lovely relationship with each other. Despite constant comparisons, career trajectories, arguments, they have stayed together through thick and thin, and are super close!

Is Tanisha married?

Bollywood actress Tanisha Mukherjee is 43 years old but she is not married yet. In an interview, Tanisha has broken her silence on marriage and love.

Who is Armaan Kohli father?

Rajkumar KohliArmaan Kohli / Father

How old is Rajkumar Kohli?

91 years (September 14, 1930)Rajkumar Kohli / Age

Why did Kajol fight with Tanisha?

Actually, when Kajol reached Durga Pandal with her mother and sister on the second day of Durga Puja, she got into an argument with Tanisha about something. The argument escalated so much that mother Tanuja had to come to intervene.

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