Who has the best post moves in NBA history?

Who has the best post moves in NBA history?

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Kareem would have been No. 1 on the list given that he had the single most dominate post move ever.

Was Hakeem a good rebounder?

Another member of the 4,000 offensive rebound club, Hakeem the Dream ranks 11th all-time in total rebounds. Olajuwon had the best footwork for a man of his size. The Dream is also ranked 28th all-time in rebounds per game.

How many 3s did Hakeem make?

25 three-pointers
Hakeem Olajuwon sank 25 three-pointers in his career.

Who has Hakeem Olajuwon trained?

Olajuwon has been offering post play tips to many of the game’s greats since retirement, including Dwight Howard, LeBron James, and Kobe Bryant among many others. Bryant was actually probably the one who implemented his philosophy of misdirection the best in actual games.

Who is the greatest post scorer of all time?

  1. Hakeem Olajuwon. 1 of 50. Andy Lyons/Getty Images.
  2. Shaquille O’Neal. 2 of 50. Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images.
  3. Wilt Chamberlain. 3 of 50. Career Stats: 30.1 PPG and 22.9 RPG.
  4. Bill Russell. 4 of 50. Career Stats: 15.1 PPG and 22.5 RPG.
  5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. 5 of 50.
  6. Tim Duncan. 6 of 50.
  7. Karl Malone. 7 of 50.
  8. Bob Pettit. 8 of 50.

Who has the best post fade of all time?

The player with the highest Post Fade Attribute Rating among current players on NBA 2K22 is Nikola Jokic. He is followed by Joel Embiid in second place, while LeBron James is third.

Who’s better Shaq or Hakeem?

In 20 regular season matchups, Shaq has gotten the better of Hakeem, leading his teams to 14 wins and six losses. Shaq’s numbers against Hakeem are also more impressive—he averaged 22.1 points on 54.4 percent shooting, 12.4 rebounds, 3.6 assists, 0.9 steals and 1.8 blocks.

What made Hakeem Olajuwon so good?

He had impeccable footwork on the low block and a silky-smooth jump shot. The power and grace with which he went about his business were breathtaking. On top of that he was the ultimate teammate. Numbers are only part of what made Olajuwon so incredible, as a few other post players have put up tremendous stats.

How old is Hakeem the Dream?

59 years (January 21, 1963)Hakeem Olajuwon / Age

How tall is Hakeem the Dream?

7′ 0″Hakeem Olajuwon / Height

Did Hakeem teach Kobe?

In an April 2016 interview with Sporting News, here’s how Olajuwon recalled his training sessions with Bryant in Texas. I’ve worked with a lot of players, but the one who really capitalized on it the most is Kobe Bryant.

How old is Hakeem empire?

‘Empire’ Profile: Hakeem Lyon

Hakeem Lyon
Age: 24
Resides in: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (formerly) New York City, New York
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

How did Hakeem Olajuwon workout with LeBron James?

When Olajuwon worked with LeBron James, their workout heavily featured jab step footwork in two common combinations that involve either a fake or a shooting situation. To practice both moves in one drill, set two cones up, one on the charity strip and another in the low post.

Is Alperen Sengun training with Hakeem Olajuwon?

Fresh off a career night in mid-December, rookie big man Alperen Sengun said he planned to work on his post moves in the future with legendary Houston Rockets center Hakeem Olajuwon. A few weeks later, it appears those training sessions with the two-time NBA champion, league MVP and Hall of Famer are underway.

Are the Rockets training with Hakeem Olajuwon and Sengun?

A few weeks later, it appears those training sessions with the two-time NBA champion, league MVP and Hall of Famer are underway. On Saturday, the Rockets released a video of Olajuwon working with Sengun in a one-on-one session on the Toyota Center practice court.

What did Hakeem Olajuwon say about Sengun?

“I watch him play,” Olajuwon says of Sengun in the team’s video. “It seems like he’s very strong, the way he backs guys down. What we need now is the control of the ball, and his spin.”

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