Who ends up with who in Elite?

Who ends up with who in Elite?

In the finale, Omar and Ander still only have eyes for each other, but they decide to make a very mature choice and break up so that Ander can follow his dreams and travel. Meanwhile, the other happy and in love couple who gets a happy ending is Rebeka and Mencía. The two young women meet at school and fall in love.

Is Carla done with Elite?

Carla – Ester Expósito Thankfully, fans got the closure they needed regarding Carla’s romance with Samuel in episode 4 of Elite: Short Stories. Samuel tried his absolute hardest to get Carla to stay in Spain but ultimately, in the end, she decided to leave the love of her life behind.

Who does Guzman end up with in Elite?

Guzmán tells her that he didn’t find him. Guzmán then officially ends his relationship with Ari because he realises that she loves Samuel. Whether Ari and Samuel start an official relationship is yet to be seen. We imagine that will become clear in season 5.

Is Elite Season 1 GOOD?

Unlike most high school dramas, the series tempers its over-the-top plot twists with real human emotion by focusing on the kids and how growing up too fast can have devastating consequences. Elite may be the best high school drama on TV. Sex, drugs, and murder in racy, compelling Spanish import.

Do Omar and Ander break up?

Omar and Ander decided to get back together at the very end of Elite but in a twist, Omar and Ander stans would not have seen coming, Omar called it quits on their relationship. He wanted Ander to stick to his plans to travel and not stay in Madrid just for him.

Do Samuel and Rebecca end up together?

They become friends with each other but she starts having a crush on Samuel, then they become a couple in the third season but they break up which leaves her devastated and makes it hard for her to open herself up for others (e.g. Mencia).

Why did Nadia leave Elite?

It hasn’t been confirmed why El Hammani left the series, though the likely explanation is due to scheduling conflicts. The star is now in the series El Internado: Las Cumbres as Elvira.

Who pushed aria in Elite season 4?

Who attacked Ari in Élite Season 4? The Élite Season 4 finale reveals that Armando (Andrés Velencoso) was the one who attacked Ari.

Who killed Nadia in Elite?

When Marina refused and aggravated the situation, Polo grabbed the trophy and struck the back of her head, killing her. Polo recovered the watch. With the help of Carla and, more reluctantly, Christian, Polo managed to hide his involvement in Marina’s murder, until Samuel discovered in the truth in Season 2.

Which is best season in Elite?

The BEST seasons of Elite

  • 7.96. 390 votes. #1 – Season 2. First Aired 9/5/2019.
  • 7.84. 494 votes. #2 – Season 1. First Aired 10/4/2018.
  • 7.73. 341 votes. #3 – Season 3. First Aired 3/13/2020.
  • 6.42. 212 votes. #4 – Season 4. First Aired 6/17/2021.

Is Elite romantic?

There are quite a few romantic story lines on the series — with intense sex-scenes to go along with them — and they each explore love in nuanced ways. The most compelling romance has to be that of Ander (played by Arón Piper) and Omar (Omar Ayuso).

Does Polo go to jail Elite?

Despite this, she eventually came to resent Polo, and attempted to turn him in and confess her role in covering up the murder. She eventually confesses, and this lands Polo in custody, however he is released on bail and she retracts her statement in order to save her family wealth.

What happened to the elite season 4 cast?

It’s been a long wait for Elite Season 4, and there was a lot of uncertainty due to the wide array of cast changes between seasons. Instead of going full Skins and revamping the entire cast, Elite Season 4 features a mix of old and new, and after the first four episodes, the results are highly positive.

What is your review of Elite series?

“Elite”is an outstanding series in every way be it the script,acting, or direction with the focus being on heavy dosages of sex,sex and more sex.This series is a definite lesson on how one should NOT NOT NOT conduct their lives, and how everything bad you do in life comes back to haunt you in one way or the other! 1 out of 3 found this helpful.

How good is elite?

Very slick. Elite is a very well made drama series, the production values are incredibly slick, and the acting is truly great. If you’re able to watch it in its native language with subtitles I would advise it, as the English dubbing really doesn’t work, it becomes a very distracting watch, same as with The Rain.

Should you watch elite season 3 after the first 4 episodes?

After the first four episodes, what’s clear is that these new additions are crucial to the success of the season, bringing their fair share of baggage into the mix. Elite Season 3 was strong, but it introduced characters like Yeray and Malick without organically developing them. Instead, they were used as plot devices.

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