Who does Antigone say she is acting for?

Who does Antigone say she is acting for?

bury Polynices

Who is Creon How does Antigone feel about him?

Antigone sees Creon as a petty tyrant who openly flaunts his power in the face of the gods.

What is Antigone personality like?

She is grief-stained and horrified at the desecration of her family; she is haunted by past trauma and her family’s curse, therefore risk averse, and seeks safety in rigid societal structure; a follower, hesitant to dissent; wants to do what’s right, but afraid of conflict; she is suicidal and terrified of life without …

How does Creon react to Haimon’s arguments?

How does Creon react to Haimon’s arguments? He says he everyone should “obey” him or the leader success of the city. If Antigone dies, Haimon will die too.

What is Antigone tragic flaw?

Next, Antigone does have a tragic flaw. Her tragic flaw is that she has hubris, which is excessive pride, and that leads her to be unbending. Ironically, Antigone means unbending in Greek. Because she is unbending, she will not denounce her decision to bury Polynices.

Why does Antigone hate Creon?

Antigone was following her familial duties and felt that both her brothers needed to receive proper burial no matter which side they died fighting for. Creon, angered by the blatant disregard for his orders, imprisons both sisters regardless of Ismene’s innocence.

Why does Tiresias the blind prophet come to speak to King Creon?

Who is the blind prophet who comes to speak to King Creon? Teiresias. What does the prophet claim can be done to repair the evil performed against the gods? To give in and yield to what Crean has done- he needs to repair the evil with the gods.

What does Creon accuse Teiresias of?

In lines 48-61, what does Creon accuse Teiresias of wanting from him? He accuses her of taking bribes and refuses to believe her warning.

Who is the god who must not be made angry?

Who is the god who must not be made angry, according to Ode 2? Zeus.

What is Creon most afraid of?


Who dies in the cave with Antigone?

Antigone, moved by love for her brother and convinced of the injustice of the command, buried Polyneices secretly. For that she was ordered by Creon to be executed and was immured in a cave, where she hanged herself. Her beloved, Haemon, son of Creon, committed suicide.

Why Antigone is a hero?

Antigone is a hero because she remains true both to the Gods and her brother. Even when faced with death, she refuses to go against either one, choosing to end her own life. Thus, she seals her testimony with her own blood and dies a tragic hero.

What is Antigone only regret?

What is Antigone’s only regret before her death? Antigone’s regret before dying was never being married.

What is a character’s tragic flaw?

What is a Fatal Flaw? A fatal flaw (also known as a ‘tragic flaw’ or ‘hamartia’) is a writing device that can be defined as a trait that ultimately leads to a character’s downfall or potentially even their death.

Is Antigone a tragic hero essay?

Antigone’s last act of defiance was to join her father and brothers in death. At this moment, she becomes a truly tragic hero. Pride and fear drove her to hang herself just before she would have been rescued and released from her fate.

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