Who did Barack Obama run against in 2009?

Who did Barack Obama run against in 2009?

Obama won a decisive victory over McCain, winning the Electoral College and the popular vote by a sizable margin, including states that had not voted for the Democratic presidential candidate since 1976 (North Carolina) and 1964 (Indiana and Virginia).

Who did Romney run against for president?


Party Candidate %
Democratic Ted Kennedy (incumbent) 58.07%
Republican Mitt Romney 41.01%
Libertarian LauraLeigh Dozier 0.66%
LaRouche for President William A. Ferguson Jr. 0.22%

How many people voted for the Democratic Party candidate?

Of those voters, 62 percent voted for the Democratic Party candidate (colored in blue), 33 percent voted for the Republican Party candidate (colored in red) and another 5 percent voted for a candidate that did not belong to either party. Also you may notice some categories such as “Vote by Income” and “Vote by Age” appear more than once.

How are state polling averages adjusted for national trends?

State polling averages are adjusted based on national trends, which means candidates’ averages can shift even in the absence of fresh state polls. Read more about the methodology.

What determines whether a poll is considered partisan?

Partisanship is determined by who sponsors the poll, rather than who conducts it. Polls are considered partisan if they’re conducted on behalf of a candidate, party, campaign committee, or PAC, super PAC, 501 (c) (4), 501 (c) (5) or 501 (c) (6) organization that conducts a large majority of its political activity on behalf of one political party.

How are public polls listed on the FiveThirtyEight polls page?

Polls conducted after June 28, 2018, the date this page was published, are listed by the date that FiveThirtyEight collected them; polls conducted before then are listed under the last date that the poll was in the field. Polls from firms that are banned by FiveThirtyEight are not shown.

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