Which Rocky movie has the best training montage?

Which Rocky movie has the best training montage?

Rocky IV’s montage is legitimately the best part of the film. Rocky, a man built by nature, and Ivan Drago, a man built by science, go through the hardest training featured in the series– all the to pummel each other to near death.

How many montages are in Rocky?

That’s right, even Rocky had a montage. In fact, all seven of them had at least one. It will come as a surprise to absolutely no one that the fourth film AKA Rocky Balboa ends the Cold War was the most montage-heavy by some distance.

Who was the trainer in Rocky?

Oliver Burgess Meredith, known professionally as Burgess Meredith, was an American actor. He was best-known for portraying Rocky Balboa’s trainer Mickey Goldmill in the Rocky films and the Penguin in the television series Batman.

Who was Rocky’s best trainer?

Mickey Goldmill

Mickey Goldmill Mighty Mick
First appearance Rocky (1976)
Last appearance Rocky Legends (2004)
Created by Sylvester Stallone
Portrayed by Burgess Meredith

How many montages does Rocky 4 have?

It has been calculated that Rocky IV is 31.9% montages, nearly a third of the film. During the second half of the film, or the last 50 minutes, it is approximately 50% montage.

Was Mickey a boxer in Rocky?

He retired in 1943. Mickey’s only professional loss was to Abe Goldstein. Some time after his retirement, he opened a boxing gym in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Mighty Mick’s Boxing, and began to train fighters.

How old is Mickey Goldmill?


Mickey Goldmill
Nationality American
Born April 7, 1905
Died August 15, 1981 (aged 76) Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

What is the theme song for Rocky 3?

Eye of the Tiger
Few “power chords” are more instantly recognizable than the guitar blasts that open Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.” The rock hit served as the theme song for the 1982 film “Rocky III,” starring Sylvester Stallone as boxing champion Rocky Balboa.

Who was Rocky’s hardest fight?

Apollo stood toe-to-toe with Rocky in both fights all the way to the end and never gave the guy an inch. It only took one knockdown to put most of Rocky’s opponents down the count, but Apollo kept getting up, and that makes him Rocky’s toughest opponent.

How long is the Rocky 2 montage?

At just under five minutes, the Rocky II montage is the third longest in the series, and while other sequences like this may waste time by putting too much story in — see the Creed montage below — Rocky II is all action, but for a tiny interlude in the middle where he puts his baby to bed.

Which ‘Rocky’ movie has the best training montage?

Any Rocky fan could have probably guessed that Rocky IV’s training montage was going to top the list here. After all, Rocky IV is the one where Rocky fights Dolph Lundgren’s Ivan Drago, the Russian super boxer who killed Carl Weathers’ Apollo Creed at the beginning of the movie.

What is the montage in Rocky IV all about?

As the lead-up in this one lays out, this montage is all about strength training. Rocky’s old in this movie, so he’s going to be relying almost exclusively on that old man strength of his.

Does Rocky 3 have a cardio montage?

Anyway, my fanboy gushing aside, this montage ranks super low because it’s all cardio, and it’s fairly routine cardio at that. “In Rocky III, Rocky was just dancing around with Apollo. They were just looking cute together,” Salazar says.

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