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Which example from top of the food chain is an appeal to pathos?

Answer: The example from “Top of the Food Chain” that is an appeal to pathos is “. . . the villagers in a panic over the threat of the plague and the stream of nonstop hysterical reports from the interior — people were turning black, swelling up and bursting . . .”

How is satire used in top of the food chain?

In “Top of the Food Chain,” T.C. Boyle uses satire to criticize the government’s use of pesticides and also man’s impact on the environment. Boyle satirizes the arrogance many humans show towards organisms they find annoying.

What is a central claim of Benjamin Banneker’s letter to Thomas Jefferson?

In Benjamin Banneker’s letter to Thomas Jefferson, a central claim made by the author is The same maker creates all people, so all people share the same intelligence and emotions.

How does Jefferson use ethos pathos and logos in the Declaration of Independence?

Jefferson uses ethos by presenting the American cause as serious, well-conceptualized and worthwhile, all qualities made clear by the honest tone and intellectual rigor of the declaration. He uses pathos to appeal to the shared roots and blood ties between the Americans and the British.

What reason does the narrator in top of the food chain give for originally spraying with DDT?

What reason does the narrator in “Top of the Food Chain” give for originally spraying with DDT? To help control the insect population in Borneo.

Which example most clearly uses logos to make an appeal?

The answer would be B because logos is an appeal to logic and reason in a speech or written work such as facts, statistics, and common sense.

How does Banneker use pathos?

Right from the start, Banneker employs pathos by forcing Jefferson to recall the vulnerability felt by the nation when England was their ruler. He calls attention to the time when “human aid appeared unavailable” and “hope and fortitude” were scarce to the American people.

Which statement is the main point of top of the food chain?

Explanation: “Top of the Food Chain” authored by T.C. Boyle employs satire to critique the human folly of overvaluing ‘logic and reason’. The author further describes that such actions may lead to disastrous and unanticipated consequences.

What factors determine a speaker’s ethos?

So, then, we will measure the ethos of a speaker by four related characteristics:

  • Trustworthiness (as perceived by the audience)
  • Similarity (to the audience)
  • Authority (relative to the audience)
  • Reputation or Expertise (relative to the topic)

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