Which captain has won most Test matches?

Which captain has won most Test matches?

Graeme Smith-
Graeme Smith- 53 Wins He currently holds the record for most wins as captain in Test cricket. In 109 matches, he has won 53 Tests while losing 28 games and drawing 27 games.

Which Indian player played most Test matches as captain?

Virat Kohli
66 – Kohli holds the record for most Test matches as captain for India. Virat Kohli played his 61st Test match as Captain in the World Test Championship Final against New Zealand. He surpassed MS Dhoni’s tally of 60 Tests as India Captain.

Which captain has more win percentage?

Player Span %
RT Ponting (AUS/ICC) 2002-2012 76.14
SP Fleming (NZ) 1997-2007 48.04
MS Dhoni (INDIA) 2007-2018 59.52
A Ranatunga (SL) 1988-1999 48.37

What is the winning percentage of India in Test?

Since 2016, India have played 67 Test matches, having won 41 out of those with 16 losses and 10 draws. That takes India’s win percentage to 61.19%, more than any other team in the world by a country mile.

Who is the No 1 Test captain in the world?

Kohli, since becoming skipper in 2014, has 40 Test wins under his belt and is by far the most successful Test captain for India. He also led India to the final of the first World Test Championship (WTC)….Most successful Test captains: Know them all.

Player Ricky Ponting
Matches 77
Won 48
Lost 16
Draw 13

Who is the No 1 captain in India?

Test match captains A total of 35 players have captained India in test matches, of which Virat Kohli is the most successful with 40 wins. The table of results is complete up to the third Test against Sri Lanka in January 2022.

Who is the No 1 captain in world?

At the top is Kohli’s captain (in his own words), the legendary Mahendra Singh Dhoni who leads the list with 178 wins across 332 matches as captain of the Indian Cricket team….Most successful captain in Cricket (all formats)

Player RT Ponting (AUS/ICC)
Mat 324
Won 220
Lost 77
Tied 2

What is the highest score of India in Test?

India’s total of 357/6 is their 8th highest score on the opening day of a Test.

Score on day 1 Final Total Start Date
372/7 379 3-Nov-2001
365/5 626 8-Dec-2007
361/4 588/8 dec 10-Jun-2006
357/6 4-Mar-2021

Who is India’s successful captain?

MS Dhoni is the most successful ODI captain of India. The former skipper won a whopping 110 of his 200 ODI matches as captain between 2007-2018….Most successful ODI captain of India.

Player Sourav Ganguly
Span 1999-2005
Matches 146
Won 76
Lost 65

Who is successful captain in world?

Most successful captain in Cricket (all formats)

Player Span Mat
MS Dhoni (INDIA) 2007-2018 332
RT Ponting (AUS/ICC) 2002-2012 324
SP Fleming (NZ) 1997-2007 303
GC Smith (Afr/ICC/SA) 2003-2014 286

Who has won more Test matches as Indian captain outside India?

Virat Kohli now has more Overseas Test wins as Indian captain than Sourav. India under MS Dhoni won 6 Test matches outside India. Outside Asia, Virat has got 8 Test wins, and leading the list.

Who is the longest serving Indian captain in tests?

One of the longest serving Indian captains ever, Mohammad Azharuddin led India in 47 Tests between 1990 and 1998. India won 14, lost 14 and drew 19 Tests in that period.

Who is India’s youngest Test captain of all-time?

MAK Pataudi remains India’s youngest Test captain of all-time. It would be fair to say that it was MAK Pataudi who taught India how to win overseas as India overcame the Kiwi challenge in 1967/68 to register their first series win away from home under his captaincy.

Is Virat Kohli India’s most successful captain in tests?

He is India’s most successful captain in terms of the number of Tests won, and he took his side to the No. 1 position in Tests back in 2009. He also led India to a 4-0 whitewash against Australia at home last year.

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