Which 454 heads are the best?

Which 454 heads are the best?

For mild street and budget bracket big block Chevy 454, the factory iron 049 heads are outstanding; if they were cast in aluminum, they would be ideal.

Are all big block Chevy heads the same?

All production heads use the same intake and exhaust bolt patterns, which include a bolt-hole between each pair of intake ports. The boss required for this additional bolt-hole intrudes on the port entrance, so it is deleted on most aftermarket heads because it is not necessary for a good gasket seal.

What degree is a BBC head?

A factory big-block Chevy head has 26-degree intake valves canted 4 degrees, and 17-degree exhaust valves canted 4 degrees.

Are aluminum heads worth the money?

Yes they are worth it. Pretty much every aftermarket head is worth a good power increase over any stock head. I like the aluminum heads since they are easier to port, repairable, and give a nice weight reduction. They usually are only a few hundred more than the iron heads.

Can you put 454 heads on a 396?

For example, tossing a set of 454 open-chamber heads on a 396 could radically reduce the compression ratio because of the roughly 10cc larger chamber on a short-stroke engine. Production big-blocks all the way into the mid ’90s were always flat tappet camshaft engines.

How much does a BBC with aluminum heads weigh?

The all iron big block is 754 pounds : with aluminum heads 660 pounds.

Who makes Big Chief heads?

These Big Chief cylinder heads from Dart put Pro Stock technology within the reach of every racer and engine builder.

How much HP gain from aluminum heads?

How much HP do heads add? Depending on your cam, you can gain anywhere from 40-70hp. Cam and heads can gain you 100+hp.

What are 202 heads?

“202” refers to the intake valve diameter of 2.02″. Fords and Chevys usually don’t have an intake problem… they usually have an exhaust problem.

Is a 502 a 454 block?

A 502 is basically a 454 only with a larger (4.470″ I think) cylinder bore size which really starts unshrouding the valves and thus starts making some decent horsepower. The 502 requires a different block that has thicker cylinder walls to accomodate the larger bore size required to make it a 502″ engine.

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