Where is the original walk-ons?

Where is the original walk-ons?

Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Brandon Landry, founder of Walk-On’s Bistreaux & Bar, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, named his sports bar on the fact that he was a walk-on player on the Louisiana State University basketball team. Landry opened the first Walk-On’s restaurant in 2003 near LSU’s Tiger Stadium.

How many locations walk-ons?

Today, with over 100 locations in the works across 15 states, the sky is the limit. Walk-On’s® operates with a mission of delivering a memorable game day experience with a taste of Louisiana created by an All-American team.

Who is the owner of walk-ons restaurant?

Walk-On’s is also co-owned by former New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, a factor that helped Prescott choose to take on the partnership. The company was also founded by Brandon Landry, a former walk-on basketball player at Louisiana State University.

How much does a walk-ons franchise cost?

The total investment to open a Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux ranges from $1.2- to $4.4 million, including a $60,000 franchise fee.

Who owns walk-ons in Houma?

Brandon Landry
Founder, Co-Owner and CEO. Brandon Landry has always been driven to succeed. As a high school basketball player at Catholic High in Baton Rouge, La., Brandon recognized his strong internal drive to succeed and compete at the highest level.

What happened to Jack Warner from walk-ons?

The two former LSU basketball players behind Walk-On’s Bar & Bistreaux are splitting up the team. Baton Rouge Business Report says that Brandon Landry and Jack Warner, both walk-ons for the Tigers in the 1990s, have ended their partnership, Last In Concepts.

Do Drew Brees own walk-ons?

NFL All-Pro Quarterback Drew Brees joined the Walk-On’s team as a co-owner in 2015.

Which Jimmy Johns does Drew Brees own?

According to Franchise Times Brees is the owner of 5 Jimmy John’s Gourmet Sandwiches’ franchises and plans to own 20 more. Jimmy Johns was founded in 1983 by a 19 year old with a dream and hustle.

What restaurant chain does Drew Brees own?

Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux
Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux was founded in 2003 by Brandon Landry, a former walk-on basketball player at LSU. NFL All-Pro Quarterback Drew Brees joined the Walk-On’s team as a co-owner in 2015.

Does Jack Warner still own walk-ons?

How did walk-ons get its name?

The name Walk On’s was established because Jack Warner and Brandon Landry were both former LSU Basketball team Walk-On’s. Jack and Brandon played for the love of the game and to be part of the team. Jack and Brandon believed in the motto “team before self,” playing for the name on the front of the jersey, not the back.

What does bistreaux mean?

BISTREAU, from the French western dialect, meaning innkeeper. A bistro or bistrot /bi-stro/, is, in its original Parisian incarnation, a small restaurant, serving moderately priced simple meals in a modest setting.

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