Where is the Acromiodeltoid located on a cat?

Where is the Acromiodeltoid located on a cat?

The acromiodeltoid lies posterior to the clavodeltoid. It arises from the acromion process of the scapula and inserts on the spinodeltoid muscle. The spinodeltoid arises from the scapula spine and inserts on the proximal portion of the humerus.

Do humans have a Acromiodeltoid?

Human information: This is one of the five muscles in the group we refer to as the muscles that move the arm (not including the rotator cuff muscles).

What is the function of the Clavotrapezius?

Its origin is the superior nuchal line and median dorsal line and its insertion is the clavicle. Its action is to draw the clavicle dorsally and towards the head.

Does Infraspinatus abduct?

Infraspinatus is the main external rotator of the shoulder joint. It assists in producing shoulder extension. With the arm fixed, it abducts the inferior angle of the scapula.

Where is the rhomboid major?

The rhomboid major is quadrangular muscle located inferior to the rhomboid minor. The origin of the rhomboid muscles is from the spinous processes of the T2-T5 vertebra and inserts on the medial border of the scapula, just inferior to the rhomboid minor.

What is the action of Spinodeltoid?

Muscles of the Neck, Shoulder, Chest and Abdomen

Muscle Name Origin Action
Spinodeltoid Spine of Scapula Retracts humerus Adducts humerus
Spinotrapezius Spines of thoracic vertebra Draws scapula dorsally Draws scapula caudally
Sternomastoid Sternum Turns head Depresses head
Supraspinatus (Deep) Scapula Extends humerus (Rotator cuff)

How are cats killed for dissection?

Every year millions of animals are killed to be used for dissection in schools. Investigators have discovered suppliers drowning cats in burlap sacks, injecting rats with embalming fluid, and keeping frogs for weeks without food. Dissection devalues life. Dissection teaches that animals are disposable objects.

How are cats preserved for dissection?

Standard formalin-preserved cats are packed in vacuum-sealed bags. Cats, Felis dp, are expertly preserved and presented in an extended position for anatomical correctness and ease of study. The cats are injected with elastic latex with bright, contrasting colors, to ensure ease of dissection.

Do humans have a Clavobrachialis?

What is Subscap?

The subscapularis is a muscle in your shoulder that helps you internally rotate your arm. When your arm is internally rotated, it means that your palm is facing back, behind your body. The subscapularis is the largest muscle in the rotator cuff, which is a group of muscles that attaches your upper arm to your shoulder.

What is a skeletal muscle dissection of a cat?

DISSECTION 1: SKELETAL MUSCLES Many skeletal muscles of the cat are similar to human mus- cles. This dissection will reinforce your knowledge of hu- man skeletal muscles and allow you to observe the fascia that surrounds,protects,and compartmentalizes these mus- cles.

How do you dissection a cat endocrine system?

DISSECTION 3: ENDOCRINE ORGANS The major endocrine organs of the cat have similar loca- tions and structure compared with humans. Assemble your dissection equipment and safety glasses, put on your gloves,and obtain your cat. Position your cat within the dissection tray,including the tail.

How do you dissect a brachial plexus in cats?

After placing your cat dorsal side down on the dis- secting tray,carefully transect (cut through the middle of) the pectoralis major and minor muscles,if this was not done in the muscle dissection lab. 2. Reflect these muscles to expose the nerves of the brachial plexus.

How to prepare a cat for a group dissecting?

Prepare a label for your cat with the names of your group members and the gender of your cat. 6. Follow the instructions for skinning the cat if you are dissecting skeletal muscles,or the instructions for opening the ventral body cavities if you are dissecting an organ system. FIGURE CP.1Directional terminology for the cat.

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