Where is Puzzlewood?

Where is Puzzlewood?

Popular tourist attraction Puzzlewood in Gloucestershire, England, is part of the Forest of Dean near Coleford. Its winding paths and moss-covered stones and trees, resemble a fantasy worlds from Lord of the Rings.

What is Puzzlewood in the Lord of the Rings?

An enchanting place, Puzzlewood is said to have served as the inspiration for J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. A frequent visitor to the area, Tolkien may have considered Puzzlewood and the Forest of Dean when he created the Old Forest, Mirkwood, Lothlorien, and other places in his Middle Earth.

Is Puzzlewood a good place to film?

Filming at Puzzlewood Is it any wonder that Puzzlewood is a popular location for filming! Its unique environment makes it ideal for all kinds of fantasy-style productions and we’ve certainly seen the weird and wonderful take up residence in the woods. But Puzzlewood has also been used for documentaries and other shows.

Is Puzzlewood the most magical forest on the planet?

Yes, The Force was with us! Puzzlewood was described by Kathleen Kennedy, Star Wars Producer and President of Lucasfilm, as ‘the most magical forest on the face of the earth!’ Puzzlewood featured in this 2016 fantasy adventure film, a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman.

Welcome to the enchanted world of Puzzlewood, located in Gloucestershire’s gorgeous and historic Forest of Dean.

Puzzlewood was the inspiration for the forests of Middle-earth in The Lord of the Rings, such as the Old Forest, Mirkwood, Fangorn or Lothlórien. Tolkien may also have been inspired by the less well known scowles on the grounds of Lydney Park.

How can I get Started with Puzzlewood?

To inspire everyone, pick up our Wizards Guide onsite and download the Puzzlewood app. In the Guide you can seek out and tick off 20 objects, items, places and faces, including our new Big Four animals. The app features a treasure hunt for Roman coins and our website is packed with information on the trees, the birds and of course our animals.

Why is Puzzlewood so magical?

Why is Puzzlewood magical? Is it the maze of pathways winding through deep gulleys of moss covered rocks, the twisted roots of the Yew trees or the bridges, ‘lookouts’ and features to find on your way round? Puzzlewood is enchanting; it has an atmosphere quite unlike any other woodland.

Happy New Year! Welcome to the enchanted world of Puzzlewood, located in Gloucestershire’s gorgeous and historic Forest of Dean.

Why choose Puzzlewood for wildlife photography?

We’re much-loved by photographers and Puzzlewood hosts regular photography workshops and residential photography courses, where snappers learn up close and personal from a professional wildlife photographer.

What is it like to walk in Puzzlewood?

Walking along the winding paths of Puzzlewood is an enchanting experience. As I weave my way along the tracks between the ancient woodland’s moss-covered limestone rocks, watched over by aged yew trees, I feel like I’m in an otherworldly place.

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