Where is Neil Diamond in concert?

Where is Neil Diamond in concert?

Neil Diamond’s 533 Concerts & Tours (Updated for 2022)

Date Concert Venue
Mar 03, 2022 REO Styx / Neil Diamond Taxslayer Center
Feb 25, 2021 Neil Diamond SAPCenter
Feb 16, 2021 Neil Diamond Boston Music Hall
Mar 01, 2020 Neil Diamond

When was Neil Diamond’s last concert?

50 Year Anniversary World Tour is a Neil Diamond tour which marked the 50th Anniversary of his first hit single, “Solitary Man,” released in 1966….50 Year Anniversary World Tour (Neil Diamond)

End date October 19, 2017 (Last show) , January 22, 2018 (remaining shows cancelled)
Legs 3
Neil Diamond concert chronology

Who did Neil Diamond wrote Sweet Caroline for?

Neil DiamondSweet Caroline / ComposerNeil Leslie Diamond is an American singer-songwriter, musician and occasional actor. He has sold more than 100 million records worldwide, making him one of the best-selling musicians of all time. Wikipedia

What is Neil Diamond’s favorite song?

He gets asked to play “Sweet Caroline” all the time, but his favorite song to perform is “I am I Said.” “I can really dig into it, the lyric has a real resonance in my life, and I don’t do it nearly as often as “Sweet Caroline” but it is easily my favorite song to sing.”

How can I meet Neil Diamond?

Neil Diamond Meet And Greet Tickets For You Ensure you get your Neil Diamond Meet and Greet tickets from our website before they sell out. Visit meetandgreetticket.com and explore all the options in the tickets section.

Who is Neil Diamond’s wife?

Katie McNeilm. 2012
Marcia Murpheym. 1969–1995Jayne Posnerm. 1963–1969
Neil Diamond/Wife

Where did Neil Diamond go to college?

Abraham Lincoln High School1958
The Center for Early EducationErasmus Hall High SchoolNew York University- College of Arts and Sciences
Neil Diamond/Education

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