Where is Meteo based?

Where is Meteo based?

The Netherlands
MeteoGroup has a portfolio of weather apps: WeatherPro, MeteoEarth and Magical Weather….MeteoGroup.

Type Private
Headquarters The Netherlands, Utrecht

Who owns MeteoGroup?

MeteoGroup/Parent organizations

Where does MeteoGroup get its data from?

“MeteoGroup is a service provider that relies on the national meteorological agencies to provide the data, taking data from a range of sources, some of which will be ours, and serving it into the BBC the way the BBC wants them to,” he says.

How accurate is MeteoGroup?

In 2013, the most accurate provider, MeteoGroup, was 4.79 percentage points or 7.09% more accurate than Weather Underground, which was the seventh-most accurate for that year. But in 2016, the ranking of these two providers was effectively reversed, with MeteoGroup the sixth-most accurate provider.

What is the most accurate weather app UK?

Accuweather is a brilliant app that’s been one of the top apps for UK weather-obsessives for a few years now. With a beautiful, streamlined user interface and a wealth of different data representations it’s no wonder it’s so popular.

How accurate is Met Office?

The Met Office is rated as the strongest of the main digital weather forecast providers in terms of consumer perceptions of accuracy, with a Consumer Accuracy Index of 77.5 for first and second providers, compared to an average of 74.3 for the other digital brands surveyed.

Why does BBC not use Met Office?

BBC Weather Service switch to MeteoGroup On 23 August 2015, the BBC announced that the Met Office would lose its contract to provide weather forecasts, the BBC stating that it is legally obliged to ensure that licence fee payers get the best value for money.

Where is Owain Wyn Evans now?

Owain Wyn Evans is making a huge career move with his chat show. He will be hosting the chat show “Owain’s Talking Shop” on the S4C channel. Owain announced the exciting news on his Instagram and the show’s promo. The show will be in the Welsh language, and subtitles will be available for non-Welsh speakers.

Is Weatherbit API free?

Scale your usage to your budget! Start out with our free plan, and upgrade to paid API plan as your weather data needs grow.

What is the most accurate weather app Australia?

Best weather apps

  • Weatherzone.
  • PredictWind.
  • Carrot Weather.
  • What the Forecast.
  • WillyWeather.
  • My Lightning Tracker & Alerts.
  • SunSmart.
  • Australia Snow Map & Webcams.

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