Where is Holland America Noordam ship now?

Where is Holland America Noordam ship now?

The current position of NOORDAM is at North West Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 26.5308 N / 78.75292 W) reported 2 mins ago by AIS.

What class ship is Noordam?

Vista class cruise ship
MS Noordam

General characteristics
Class and type Vista class cruise ship
Tonnage 82,500 gross tonnage (GT)

Where is the MS Noordam right now?

North West Atlantic Ocean
ms Noordam current position ms Noordam current location is at North West Atlantic Ocean (coordinates 26.53082 N / -78.75291 W) cruising en route to BSFPO. The AIS position was reported 8 minutes ago.

When was Holland America Noordam last refurbished?

October 2019
In October 2019, Noordam underwent a refurbishment as part of a $300 million brand enhancement initiative and re-entered service with several notable upgrades, including refreshed suites and a new entertainment venue, Billboard Onboard, part of the Music Walk area. Noordam sails predominantly in Asia and Alaska.

How many passengers does the Noordam have?

1,924 passengers
Launched in 2006 and last updated in 2015, Noordam is commended by recent passengers for its high-quality cuisine. However, some warned of long wait times in the main dining rooms; after all, the ship carries up to 1,924 passengers and only 800 crew members.

Is Noordam being refurbished?

By late spring 2022, Holland America Line will have its complete fleet back cruising. This week, the line announced the restart of operations for three ships—Noordam on a March 14, 2022 voyage in Japan, Oosterdam with a May 1, 2022 cruise in the Mediterranean, and Westerdam on a May 8 Alaska voyage.

How many people does the Noordam hold?

1,972 passengers
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Year Last Refurbished 2017
Capacity 1,972 passengers
Decks 11
Tonnage 82,318

How big is the Noordam?

The M/S Noordam was put into service in February 2006. Measured at 285 meters in length and with 84,000 GT, the ship offers the approximately 1,924 passengers unusually large space. About 800 crew members take care of the well-being of the guests. The pool area on the sundeck can be closed with a large glass roof.

Does Holland America Noordam have laundry facilities?

There will be a laundry bag and order sheet in your closet. Mark on it whether you want unlimited for $7 per day per cabin or the $20 per bag option – and send out what you need to on the first day. It should be back the next evening. The laundry service is great!

How old is Holland America Noordam?

Holland America Line Noordam Ship Information

Year Built 2006
Year Last Refurbished 2017
Capacity 1,972 passengers
Decks 11

When was the Holland America Noordam built?

April 1, 2005MS Noordam / Launched

How old is the Holland America Noordam ship?

Several ships of the Holland America Line have operated under the name Noordam (Dutch for the northern compass point): SS Noordam (1902) was the first Noordam, a transatlantic ocean liner of 12,528 gross tons built at Harland and Wolff, operating mostly from Rotterdam to New York between 1902 and 1927.

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