Where does the Ridgeway walk start and finish?

Where does the Ridgeway walk start and finish?

The Ridgeway in England stretches 85 miles (137km) from Overton Hill near Avebury, Wiltshire, to Ivinghoe Beacon near Tring, Buckinghamshire. It has been used for 5000 years by many different groups of people; travellers, farmers, and armies.

Is the Ridgeway easy to follow?

For the most part, the Ridgeway stays true to its name and is a relatively easy walk spent mostly walking along ridges. The paths often provide splendid views over the relatively flat local landscape. There are some gentle climbs, and often you’ll need to head down hill to get to accommodation.

How long is the Ridgeway walk?

87 miles
The Ridgeway National Trail runs for 87 miles between Overton Hill in the Avebury World Heritage Site in Wiltshire and Ivinghoe Beacon in Buckinghamshire, passing through ancient landscapes, including open downland, secluded valleys, woodland and a stretch by The Thames.

Where should I stay when walking the Ridgeway?

Recommended B&B’s on The Ridgeway

  • Ogbourne St. George:
  • Liddington:
  • Bishopstone:
  • Woolstone and Uffington:
  • Letcombe Bassett, Letcombe Regis and Sparsholt area:

Can you drive on the Ridgeway?

During the winter, the only part of The Ridgeway National Trail open to the public to drive vehicles is the three-mile Byway section in the Swindon borough area, from Fox Hill to the county boundary near Bishopstone.

Is the Ridgeway muddy?

That first part of the Ridgeway near the A34, was dire- noisy, wet and muddy as used by motorbikes and they had gouged out the track, so lots of puddles and very slippery.

Can you walk the Ridgeway?

Path Walkthrough The Ridgeway features many long stretches through field, woodland and rights of way through farmland – mainly gentle walking along ridges and chalk valleys. The route is not without its share of short steep sections, however the majority of the route is fairly gentle and workable.

Can you wild camp on the Ridgeway?

There aren’t many campsites on the Ridgeway so we would have to wild camp. I watched so many videos of people wild camping The Ridgeway to be able to work out the locations. We hatched a plan for how to get there which involved driving two cars to the finish, leaving one there.

Is the Ridgeway a bridleway?

Designated as a bridleway (shared with horses and bicycles) for much of its length, the Ridgeway also includes parts designated as byway which permits the use of motorised vehicles.

Can you cycle the South Downs Way?

The South Downs Way is 100 miles long running from Winchester to Eastbourne and takes anywhere from 2 to 4 days for most cyclists, although we know that some of the fitter riders have done it in a day! We recommend using a mountain bike to cycle the South Downs Way due to the terrain.

How high is the Ridgeway?

3,881 feet

The Ridgeway
Elevation change 3,881 feet (1,183 m)
Hiking details
Season All year
Trail map

Where is the Ridgeway and how do I Walk It?

The motorway drives through the hills in a deep, chalky cutting, but the Ridgeway trail leads walkers safely through an underpass. It emerges beside Beacon Hill and the Aston Rowant Nature Reserve, home to the rare Chiltern gentian and the very local Chalkhill Blue butterfly.

What is walks Swindon?

Walks include many local tourist attractions, some include the history and heritage of the county, some to spot wildlife, and some for the beauty of the Wiltshire scenery. The Swindon group was founded in 1950. The leaders are trained in First Aid, and have first class knowledge of the area.

What are Swindon’s favourite railway paths?

BARRIE HUDSON lists his favourites. From the Victorian era until the early 1960s, the Old Town Railway Path was part of the Midland and South West Junction Railway, often referred to as Swindon’s other railway after the GWR. Thanks to a major reclamation effort, it is now one of the town’s favourite route for cyclists and walkers.

What is Shaw Forest Park like to walk in Swindon?

The Swindon area’s many parks have an array of origins, but the story of Shaw Forest Park – one of the most recent additions to the roster of local delights for walkers – is among the most surprising and inspiring.

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