Where can I watch the Death of Superman Lives?

Where can I watch the Death of Superman Lives?

Currently streaming on Hulu and Showtime Anytime and also available for purchase from the film’s official website, The Death of “Superman Lives” is the Jodorowsky’s Dune of comic book movies: a feature-length deep dive into a never-made movie that only exists in concept art and within the minds of its creators.

Why was Superman Lives Cancelled?

Why Tim Burton’s Superman Lives Didn’t Happen Warner Bros. ordered another rewrite from Dan Gilroy for “budgetary reasons” and filming was delayed, and the project was finally put on hold and effectively canceled in April 1998. The budgetary reasons were the result of a series of box office misfires Warner Bros.

Is there a Death of Superman Part 2?

A sequel, Reign of the Supermen, was released on January 15, 2019.

When was Superman Lives Cancelled?

The Real Reason Nicolas Cage’s Superman Lives Movie Was Canceled. In 1998, a new chapter of the “Superman” franchise was abruptly shuttered by Warner Bros., spawning widespread speculation. The film, titled “Superman Lives,” was helmed by Tim Burton and featured a script by “Clerks” writer-director Kevin Smith.

What happened Superman live?

Superman Lives (previously titled Superman Reborn) is the title for a canceled Superman movie intended for production during the 1990s. The film was to be directed by Tim Burton and produced by Jon Peters. The story would feature Brainiac, Lex Luthor and Doomsday as villains.

Why did Nicolas Cage not play Superman?

Whether Cage would have been a good live-action Superman will probably never be known because Superman Lives was ultimately shelved in 1998. According to Looper, financial issues played a major role in the film’s cancellation.

Was Nicolas Cage in Superman?

There might still be a chance.” The actor was originally set to portray the Man of Steel in Tim Burton’s Superman Lives in 1998, but the project never took flight.

What movie is after Superman dies?

Reign of the Supermen
Reign of the Supermen is a 2019 American direct-to-video animated superhero film produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment. The film is a direct sequel to the 2018 animated film The Death of Superman, based on the comic book story arc of the same name in “The Death of Superman” event.

What’s after the Reign of the Supermen?

A direct sequel titled Batman: Hush released on August 6th 2019, that follows after this film. An Extended edition of Death and Reign released in October 2019 titled “The Death and Return of Superman” with more footage, features etc.

Was Nicolas Cage considered Superman?

Pre-production Nicolas Cage was to star as Superman while Christopher Walken was rumoured to play Brainiac. Casting choices considered for Lois Lane were Courteney Cox and Sandra Bullock, although Jon Peters stated he wanted Bullock to play the character.

Why was Nicolas Cage Superman movie Cancelled?

The canceled Nicholas Cage Superman movie was to be based on the Death and Return storylines. But the project was shelved when Warner Bros. saw it as a financial risk and Tim Burton departed due to numerous script edits by the producers.

Did Nicholas Cage ever play Superman?

Nicolas Cage’s Canceled Superman Movie Was a Precursor to the Franchise’s Struggles on the Big Screen. Sometimes movies become legendary even when they don’t get made. The mere idea of a Superman movie with Nicolas Cage playing the man of steel sounds wild, and it came very close to going before the cameras.

When is the death of Superman on DVD and Blu-ray?

The Death of Superman DVD and Blu-ray release date was set for August 7, 2018 and available on Digital HD from Amazon Video and iTunes on July 24, 2018. Follow DVDs Release Dates Most Requested DVD Release Dates DVDs by Genre DVDs by Category New Movies by Year

Is’the death of Superman Lives’better than’the short life of Superman?

While “The Death of Superman Lives” is catchier, this is really “The Short Life of Superman Lives” in that it gives us a good sense of what the film might ultimately have become, but doesn’t really join the pantheon of fascinating tales of aborted projects.

Is there a Superman Lives documentary about Nicolas Cage?

A documentary about the proposed 1998 Superman Lives feature film that would have starred Nicolas Cage. A documentary about the proposed 1998 Superman Lives feature film that would have starred Nicolas Cage.


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