Where are SnoPro trailers made?

Where are SnoPro trailers made?

From the rugged-built 101-wide models, to the aerodynamic inline units, SnoPro trailers are manufactured to the highest standards in the industry, right here in central Maine.

How do I know what axle my trailer has?

If you bought a company-made trailer (as opposed to building one yourself from a kit) there should be a tag with the VIN, weight and capacities all there for you. You should find it on the driver’s side of the trailer. A second way to determine the size axle you need is to measure the diameter of your existing axle.

Are Dexter trailer axles good?

Dexter’s axles are the trusted brand for reliable, quality, and safe smooth performance. Dexter® offers the most comprehensive line of axles, actuators, and disc brakes engineered specifically for the marine market.

What is a hybrid snowmobile trailer?

Hybrid snowmobile trailers are a special type of aerodynamic snowmobile trailer that comes with a fold-down ramp door. This makes it easy to load and unload your snowmobiles and other gear. This ease of use is one of the main reasons behind their popularity.

Where are stealth enclosed trailers made?

Stealth Trailers strives to provide the best value in enclosed trailers. These lines of enclosed motorcycle, car, and cargo Stealth trailers are manufactured in Elkhart Indiana and available for sale nationwide. Choose from stock steel or aluminum enclosed trailer or let us design you a custom Stealth Trailer.

Where are Mirage Trailers made?

Made in Idaho – U.S.A.

How much weight can a 3500 lb axle handle?

The carrying capacity of two 3,500 pound axles is 7,000 pounds. The axles support not only the cargo’s weight but also the weight of the trailer’s frame and body.

Which axle should trailer brakes be on?

Typically trailers will carry more of their weight on the front of the trailer, so you would want to put the brakes on the front axle as it will most likely carry more weight while braking. Also, when braking, weight will shift forward from the inertia of the stop, so that would put more weight on the front axle.

Does Forest River use Dexter axles?

Your axles are manufactured by Dexter Axle. Since 1960, Dexter’s experience in the design, testing, and manufacturing of trailer axles has resulted in the most complete product line in the industry.

Who owns Dexter Axle?

DexKo Global
Dexter operates in North America as a subsidiary of DexKo Global. Today DexKo has a global presence, operating in 23 countries and employing over 7,400 individuals worldwide.

How much weight can a 2 place snowmobile trailer hold?

My Blizzard dual-axle four-place snowmobile trailer has a GVWR of 7,000lbs (two axles at 3,500lbs each) and a dry weight of 2,500lbs, fully equipped with options. That leaves a 4,500lb payload capacity, which is more than enough…….How much weight can a 2 place snowmobile trailer hold?

Loaded Trailer: 5350
Trailer Max GVWR -7000
Dangerous Overload (pounds) 2043

How tall is a hybrid snowmobile trailer?

Pricing & Specs

Model S101-12 S101-12T
Overall Length 16′ 16′
Overall Width 102″
Overall Height See Link
Deck Height 25″

Where can I buy snopro snowmobile trailer parts?

Hanna RV & Trailer Supply carries a large selection of SnoPro snowmobile trailer parts. Whether you are looking to fix your wiring or need something simple like a lock, we have what you need for DIY repairs and updates. We carry SnoPro tires, lift equipment, lights & reflectors, wiring, bearing packages, brake pads and more.

What kind of wheels does snopro use?

SNOPRO TRAILERS [BRAND CATALOG] ENCLOSED SNOWENCLOSED [INLINE] [INLINE] CONSTRUCTION All Aluminum Box-Tube Framework Torsion-Ride Axle(s) 15” White Mod Wheels (205/75R15 Tires) EXTERIOR Smooth .030” Bonded Side Panels

What kind of parts do you sell for a snowmobile trailer?

We carry SnoPro tires, lift equipment, lights & reflectors, wiring, bearing packages, brake pads and more. Shop Hanna RV for your Triton trailer parts! Browse our entire selection of snowmobile trailer parts and accessories.

Can you put a snopro in the snow?

WE PUT THE PRO IN SNOW. Lightweight, stylish, and convenient. The SnoPro Hybrid trailer has it all! The Elevation series of snow trailers are the most feature rich in our lineup.

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