Where are Mendip stoves made?

Where are Mendip stoves made?

the UK
Mendip wood burning and multi-fuel stoves are designed and manufactured here in the UK, with their roots firmly set in Somerset since 2008.

What distance should a wood stove be from the wall?

36 inches
The standard clearance recommended by the National Fire Protection Agency is 36 inches. This means that the back of the stove should be 36 inches away from any combustible material, such as woodwork, unprotected walls, furniture and even firewood.

What is the handle at the bottom of my wood stove?

The handle looks like coiled wire. This is a flue vent to control how much air passes over the fire and up the stove.

How good are Mendip stoves?

Mendip Woodland stoves have been really popular right from the start for quite a few reasons: they have a no-nonsense plain design, with a big glass door, a relatively small output to the room, and great efficiency ratings. Mendip Loxton stoves are traditional looking stoves yet cleanly designed.

How do you light a log burner?

How to make a fire in a wood burner

  1. Leave some ash – the most efficient way to light a wood burning stove is to leave a little bit of ash from previous fires.
  2. Place 2-3 smaller logs on the stove bed.
  3. On top of this build a stack of 6-8 softwood kindling sticks.
  4. Then place a natural fire lighter inside.

What do I put on the wall behind a wood stove?

The fireback is a traditional heat shield for a stove The solution of replacing the back wall with a heat-resistant material, such as heat-resistant stones or a wood stove heat shield, is often cumbersome and not always beautiful.

How close can a wood stove be to a protected wall?

Wood frame walls covered with dry wall are considered combustible. If no wall protection is used, the common radiant-type stove or heater must be spaced out at least 36 inches from the wall.

Why is there a hole in the back of my wood stove?

On our wood burning stove, both the primary and secondary air vents are located underneath, while the tertiary air vent is located on the back, which feeds air to the small holes located at the back of the firebox as shown below.

When should I close the damper on my wood stove?

Close the damper until nearly shut for overnight or maintenance fires, such as when you go out to the supermarket. The minimal airflow allows for smoldering coals and existing smoke to escape through the flue pipe, but not enough airflow for flames and mass consumption of the wood.

How do you make a log burner go faster?

Lightly spray water or baking soda over the top of the embers to help put the fire out completely. Close the stove door. Sweep out remaining ashes once the stove has cooled down enough.

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