When was the Speedmaster reduced discontinued?

When was the Speedmaster reduced discontinued?

Although the Omega Speedmaster Reduced was discontinued in 2009, smaller Speedmaster watches still exits within the Omega catalog today in the form of the Omega Speedmaster Racing and Speedmaster 38 collections.

Is Omega Speedmaster reduced?

The Omega Speedmaster Professional Moonwatch has a 42mm diameter case. The Speedmaster Automatic has the moniker “Speedmaster Reduced” because it’s… well… reduced. The Reduced has a 38mm wide case.

How much is a Speedmaster reduced worth?

Prices at a Glance: Omega Speedmaster Reduced

Reference number Pre-owned price (approx.) Features
3510.50.00 2,400 USD Hesalite crystal, water-resistant to 30 m (3 bar, 98 ft)
3510.82.00 2,700 USD Japan limited edition, blue dial
3539.50.00 3,200 USD Sapphire crystal, water-resistant to 100 m (10 bar, 328 ft)

Does the Speedmaster hold value?

The Omega Speedmaster model with the reference number 145.022 was produced from the late 1960s through to the 1980s. Despite there being plenty on the market, they still hold their value well. A watch in mint condition will set you back around 7,500 USD.

Is the moonwatch automatic?

Taking the spirit and innovation from the original Speedmaster collection, this Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch Men’s Co-Axial Automatic Moonphase Watch has been enhanced to take exploration a step further.

What is the largest Speedmaster?

The Co-Axial Speedmaster is larger, at 44.25mm in diameter and 16mm thick.

Is Speedmaster reduced a Moonwatch?

Although the Omega Speedmaster Reduced is a very nice watch, it is not a Moonwatch. Just like the Dark Side of the Moon is not a Moonwatch. And that’s in spite of the fact that even Omega “brand” it as a Moonwatch.

Are Speedmasters automatic?

In design, the case is slightly thicker to accommodate the automatic movement and the buttons and crown are closer fitting than the usual Moonwatch. This was the first Speedmaster that combined an automatic movement with a Moonwatch case. OMEGA only produced the watch for two years.

Is the Moonwatch automatic?

Do Moonwatches hold their value?

Generally speaking, the most popular Omega watches such as the Speedmaster Moonwatch Professional and Seamaster steel tend to lose between 20-30% from the retail price.

What is the price of a reduced Omega Speedmaster?

Omega Speedmaster Reduced Chronograph Steel Mens Watch… Omega Speedmaster Reduced. 3510.50. Serviced Omega Speedmaster Reduced Schuhmacher Racing Chronograph…

What is the difference between Speedmaster date and Speedmaster reduced watches?

Technically speaking, those watches are Speedmaster Date models, rather than Speedmaster Reduced models.

What are the movements of the No-date Speedmaster reduced?

The movements of the no-date Speedmaster Reduced watches went by different names over the years. First Caliber 1140 (1988), followed by Caliber 1141 (1996), then Caliber 1143 (1996), and finally Caliber 3220 (2000).

Does the Omega Speedmaster reduced have a screw-down crown?

Does the Omega Speedmaster Reduced have a screw-down crown? Just like all other watches in the Speedmaster family, the Omega Speedmaster Reduced does not have a screw-down crown. As the watch was not specifically designed for underwater use and only offers 30 meters of water resistance, a screw-down crown is not necessary for this particular model.

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