When did the JBL L100 come out?

When did the JBL L100 come out?

JBL had already had some classic loudspeakers before then, for both professional and consumer applications, but in 1970 JBL launched the L100 Century. It would turn out to be THE JBL speaker, their most successful speaker ever released.

What is the difference between JBL L100 and L100 century?

The L100 Century grilles were painted – leaving solvent on the foam – but the L100 Classic grilles are dyed for much greater longevity than the original. Also, the painted baffle and back of the L100 Century cabinet was frequently non-uniform in coverage with light areas.

How much is a JBL L100?

Thoroughly modern sounding retro speakers Tested at £3999 / $4000.

Who designed JBL L100?

L100 Design Engineer Ed May was a very dear and close friend. I coordinated the work of industrial design consultant, Arnold Wolf – who, with Doug Warner, was responsible for the visual design. Arnold later went on to become President of JBL and my boss.

What was the first JBL L-100 speaker?

The first version of the JBL L-100 Century speaker called “L-100 Century” by JBL as a three way speaker with all drivers on the same line. It featured a matte black painted front and oiled walnut-veneered sidepanels.

Why is the JBL L-100 called a bookshelf?

The JBL L-100 timeline The JBL L-100 speakers is the consumer version to the JBL 4310 and 4311 professional studio speakers. which are inverted because they stood on the mixing-desk – which in turn might be the reason they are called “bookshelf”.

How much should I pay for a pair of JBL L100’s?

$350-$500 seems to be the going price for a clean pair of L100’s, more if they have the grilles. Thanks to the guys at Foam Trends ( www.foamtrends.com ), not having the grilles is not a deal breaker. They can make you new foam in any of the standard JBL colors, or charcoal grey.

Are JBL le25 tweeters the same as JBL L100?

This correlates well with the JBL L-100 speakers with LE25 tweeters being a part of the 1973 Home Catalogue. The JBL L100 is updated wiht a new baffle layout and the new tweeter. It needs a new crossover as well, but the foilcal is the same as the original model

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