What weapons can infiltrator use?

What weapons can infiltrator use?

Infiltrators are trained to use omni-tools, focusing on decryption and offensive abilities rather than healing. They can use pistols or sniper rifles and medium armor.

What is the best sniper in Planetside 2?

But, if you get used to it, RailJack shall become a great sniper rifle that is considered by many to be the most effective, for an actual sniper rifle. Excels in: Slightly increased damage and range compared to Tier 2 bolt action rifles. Highest muzzle velocity in the game.

What is the best faction in Planetside 2?

If you like weapons that are extremely comfortable to keep firing and firing for a long time, hosing people down with relentless amounts of damage and huge magazine sizes, controlling an area by locking it down with a killzone of gunfire: Pick Terran Republic.

What is the best bonus power for Infiltrator Mass Effect 2?

Geth Shield Boost, the tech based variant of the three defensive powers, is the obvious choice for the Infiltrator. Its improved version is unique in that it offers a 10% damage bonus instead of a longer duration, offering a bonus to defense and offense at the same time, making it a good idea to always have it active.

Is Infiltrator good in Mass Effect?

The Infiltrator Class In all three of the Mass Effect games the Infiltrator has a bonus to Sniper Rifles, and performs best while operating from a safe distance. The Infiltrator also further expands their combat options with a variety of Tech skills.

What are the factions in PlanetSide 2?

There are three factions or empires in PlanetSide 2: Terran Republic, New Conglomerate and Vanu Sovereignty.

Will there ever be a PlanetSide 3?

Planetside 3 sounds very much in the planning stages. There’s no word on a timetable, and with no concrete information it’s tough to expect it anytime soon.

What weapons can infiltrator use Mass Effect 2?

Sniper rifles are the single most damaging means of attack for an Infiltrator. Sniper Rifles, like the pistols, are very effective against armored enemies but weak against those with shields or barriers. Depending on the play style, each of the sniper rifles can be effective.

What armor can Infiltrator wear Mass Effect?

They may gain specialist training with pistols and sniper rifles, and they begin with light armor but can potentially train in the use of medium armor.

Can infiltrators use shotguns?

Shotguns cover close range, which, for Infiltrators, is normally covered only by SMGs and Heavy Pistols. Because Infiltrators normally deal with things at long range, shotguns might not be your first choice.

Is PlanetSide 2 good for infiltrators?

It also can be used by any class except for MAX, making it a good choice for a more active infiltrator. Despite the common belief about F2P games, Planetside 2 actually has some decent equipment from the very beginning, without any payment requirements to “better” someone.

How do attachments work in PlanetSide?

Nearly every weapon in PlanetSide, with few exceptions, has access to at least one attachment. Attachments affect how a gun feels and handles in a variety of ways, such as adding an optic for easier aiming or affecting muzzle velocity and damage fall-off. There are four different classes of attachment; Optics, Barrel, Rail, and Ammo.

How to play The Infiltrator as a sniper?

Zeroing your scope/aim point, positioning, range recognition, and target acquisition are the key to playing the Infiltrator as a valued sniper for your faction. It’s hard to not just want to jump into the mix and start killing the enemy as a sniper.

Is PlanetSide 2 F2P?

Despite the common belief about F2P games, Planetside 2 actually has some decent equipment from the very beginning, without any payment requirements to “better” someone. And this beautiful VS carbine proves it.

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