What was Pliny the Elder famous for?

What was Pliny the Elder famous for?

Pliny the Elder wrote the world’s first encyclopedia. His Natural History contained over a million words in 37 volumes. Pliny attempted to document all known facts about the natural world. He claimed to have recorded 20,000 pieces of information, although modern scholars say he underestimated his own output.

Who wrote Natural History in 75 AD?

Pliny the Elder
Natural History, encyclopaedic scientific work of dubious accuracy by Pliny the Elder, completed in 77 ce as Naturae historiae and conventionally known as Naturalis historia. Page from an Italian edition of Natural History by Pliny the Elder, c. 1457–58; in the British Library.

Who spent most of his spare time studying writing and investigating natural and geographic phenomena in the Natural History?

Spending most of his spare time studying, writing or investigating natural and geographic phenomena in the field, he wrote an encyclopedic work, Natural History (“Naturalis Historia”), which became a model for many subsequent encyclopedic texts. Pliny the Elder died on 25 August 79 AD.

What language did Pliny write?

Writings. Pliny wrote his first work, a tragedy in Greek, at age 14. Additionally, in the course of his life, he wrote numerous poems, most of which are lost. He was also known as a notable orator; though he professed himself a follower of Cicero, Pliny’s prose was more magniloquent and less direct than Cicero’s.

What did Pliny the Younger say about Jesus?

They called upon the gods, and supplicated to your image, which I caused to be brought to me for that purpose, with frankincense and wine; they also cursed Christ; none of which things, it is said, can any of those that are ready Christians be compelled to do; so I thought fit to let them go.

Is Pliny the Elder accurate?

Pliny the Elder, Latin in full Gaius Plinius Secundus, (born 23 ce, Novum Comum, Transpadane Gaul [now in Italy]—died August 24, 79, Stabiae, near Mount Vesuvius), Roman savant and author of the celebrated Natural History, an encyclopaedic work of uneven accuracy that was an authority on scientific matters up to the …

Who established Principate?

reign of Augustus
The Principate is the name sometimes given to the first period of the Roman Empire from the beginning of the reign of Augustus in 27 BC to the end of the Crisis of the Third Century in AD 284, after which it evolved into the so-called Dominate.

Was Pliny the Elder a scientist?

Was Pliny the Elder a doctor?

According to the Roman encyclopedist Pliny the Elder, the self-styled doctor was no more than a snake-oil salesman who attracted patients (and filled his pockets) by promising to treat them with wine and naps rather than the more standard bloodletting and induced vomiting.

Who witnessed the eruption of Mt Vesuvius?

Pliny the Younger
This date came from a 1508 printed version of a letter between Pliny the Younger and the Roman historian Tacitus, written some 25 years after the event. Pliny was a witness to the eruption and provides the only known eyewitness account.

What did Pliny say about Jesus?

When did Pliny the Younger wrote about Jesus?

But the chronological order for the documentation begins with Pliny writing around 111 AD, then Tacitus writing in the Annals around 115/116 AD and then Suetonius writing in the Lives of the Twelve Caesars around 122 AD.

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