What to do at Schweitzer in the Summer?

What to do at Schweitzer in the Summer?

Summertime Fun Summer at Schweitzer means wildflowers, huckleberries, mountain biking, hiking, and enjoying the views of three states and Canada from the summit! Schweitzer’s not just an amazing ski destination, it’s an amazing summer desintation too!

Are dogs allowed at Schweitzer Mountain?

During summer operations, you are welcome to take your dog to explore our village and hiking trails as long as your pet is on a leash at all times. Schweitzer is home to a wide variety of wildlife and dogs off leash can create unnecessary hazards for both wild animals and for people nearby including yourself.

Does Schweitzer allow snowboarding?

Schweitzer is a big playground just waiting to be explored! There’s skiing & snowboarding, 3 terrain parks, tubing, snowshoeing, and 20 miles of Nordic trails for cross-country skiing or skating right from the village.

How long is Schweitzer ski season?

Opening and Closing Dates Schweitzer Mountain ResortOpen

Season Opening Closing
20/21 Nov 21 2020 Apr 11 2021
19/20 Nov 29 2019 Mar 27 2020
18/19 Nov 23 2018 Apr 07 2019
17/18 Nov 18 2017 Apr 15 2018

Is Schweitzer on the Ikon pass?

Beginning with the 2021/22 ski season, Schweitzer will become a partner on the Ikon Pass, joining 44 other iconic destinations including Crystal Mountain, RED Mountain, Snowbird, Alta, Revelstoke, Big Sky, and Mt. Bachelor among others.

What is the lower lift at Schweitzer?

Schweitzer Mountain Live Weather

Resort Snow Depth Temp. (°F)
Top Lift: 7 ft 1
Middle Lift: 3
Bottom Lift: 5 ft 5

When did Schweitzer Mountain close?

We are tentatively planning to close for the 2020/21 season on Sunday, April 11th.

Is Schweitzer epic or Ikon?

Who owns Schweitzer mountain?

McCaw Investment Group
Schweitzer CEO Tom Chasse says the resort, which Seattle-based McCaw Investment Group owns, has flexibility with its timetable—and management will take as much time as necessary to make sure projects are done right—but he expects work to be completed over the next five to 10 years.

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