What shoulder holster did Steve McQueen wear in Bullitt?

What shoulder holster did Steve McQueen wear in Bullitt?

upside-down Safariland shoulder holster
While the movie’s main claim to fame is the most incredible car-chase scene ever filmed (McQueen drove the entire scene, which is why he was so cool), what caught my attention this time was the upside-down Safariland shoulder holster worn by McQueen.

How did Bullitt carry his gun?

In 1968, Steve McQueen played Lt. Frank Bullitt in a movie of the same name and wore an upside-down shoulder holster (meaning the gun was pointed directly into his armpit) in which he carried his Colt 2.5-inch .

What kind of gun did Steve McQueen carry in Bullitt?

Colt Diamondback SFPD Lt. Frank Bullitt (Steve McQueen) carries a Colt Diamondback snubnose revolver as his sidearm. According to this source[1], the Colt Diamondback snubnose that is carried by Steve McQueen was fitted with grips from a Colt Detective Special (see the Colt Detective Special photo on this page).

Who is Frank Bullitt based on?

Frank Bullitt was fighting mafia hitmen while Harry Callahan was trying to bring down an insane serial killer. Both of these fictional detectives are based on one man: real-life San Francisco detective, Dave Toschi.

What gun did Frank Bullitt carry?

Frank Bullitt’s gun is a Colt Diamondback . 38 Special revolver with (Colt) Detective Special grips.

What is the meaning of Bullitt?

1 : a round or elongated missile (as of lead) to be fired from a firearm broadly : cartridge sense 1a. 2a : something resembling a bullet (as in curved form) b : a large dot placed in printed matter to call attention to a particular passage.

Did Steve McQueen own guns?

Although the image epitomises danger, as a responsible gun owner, McQueen’s revolver was unloaded. But the gun itself, a H&R Model 939 “Ultra Sidekick” 22 LR 9-shot revolver with a 6″ heavy barrel for you enthusiasts out there, was indeed one of McQueen’s own, and he fired it frequently.

Where is the Bullitt Charger?

However, it seems that a certain buyer grabbed the machine from the Valley Dodge car dealer in Van Nuys, California in 1970 and sold it to Arnold Welch of Tucson, AZ in 2002. There were either two or three 1968 Dodge Chargers used in the film.

Why did Steve McQueen not like Yul Brynner?

According to Robert Vaughn, Steve McQueen complained about the gun Yul Brynner was using in the film, a Colt Peacemaker with an ivory grip. “You didn’t notice it?” McQueen asked. “It has a pearl handle. He shouldn’t have a gun like that.

What kind of gun did Steve McQueen have in Nevada Smith?


Weapon Character Title
Luger P08 Capt. Virgil Hilts The Great Escape
Single Action Army Max Nevada Smith
Browning Automatic Rifle Jake Holman The Sand Pebbles
Lewis gun Jake Holman The Sand Pebbles

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