What season did Jacinda Barrett appear in Suits?

What season did Jacinda Barrett appear in Suits?

Played by Jacinda Barrett (Bloodline), Zoe Lawford was Harvey Specter’s Suits season 2 love interest. Harvey and Zoe first got romantically acquainted when she started working at his law firm years earlier but broke up.

What happened to Jacinda from real world?

After Real World Most recently, she was selected as one of People’s 50 Most Beautiful People in 1997. Jacinda lives in Los Angeles, California with her boyfriend, Chris Hardwick of MTV’s Singled Out.

Did Gabriel Macht’s wife appear in Suits?

Suits is keeping close to home on the second season. USA Network’s legal drama has snagged series star Gabriel Macht’s wife, Australian actress Jacinda Barrett, for a guest role in the seventh episode, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

Who played Zoe in Suits Season 2?

Jacinda Barrett
Jacinda Barrett is an Australian model and actress known for work in the TV show Real World: London and films. She played Zoe Lawford in Suits beside her real life husband Gabriel Macht who plays Harvey Specter.

What episode of Suits is Troian Bellisario in?

Mea Culpa
“Suits” Mea Culpa (TV Episode 2015) – Troian Bellisario as Claire – IMDb.

How did Jacinda Barrett meet her husband?

It is quite interesting how Gabriel and Jacinda met in the first place. They went on a blind date and thanks to the fact that he ignored the “two-day rule” they started their relationship.

Who did Beth A from Real World date?

A soft-spoken gal from Eugene, Oregon, Beth A. comes to Real World Los Angeles after Irene gets married and moves out. She instantly bonds with newbie Glen and they form a lasting relationship. While on the show, she works for a craft services company.

Why did Zoe resign in Suits?

Upon realizing that Harvey went to work ousting Hardman and getting promoted rather than mourning his father, Zoe decides to quit being a lawyer, citing that the livelihood of being an attorney at the firm is responsible.

Is Stephen Macht related to Gabriel Macht?

Stephen Robert Macht (born May 1, 1942) is an American television and film actor. He is also father of actor Gabriel Macht. Together with his son Gabriel, they both have acted in the US legal drama Suits, in which Stephen portrayed Henry Gerard, an Ethics Law Professor at Harvard University.

Who is the wife of Harvey Specter?

Personal life. Macht married Australian-born actress Jacinda Barrett in 2004.

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