What message is conveyed to the readers through this lesson?

What message is conveyed to the readers through this lesson?

So, The message that is the narrator who wants to give to the readers through the lesson “The Black Aeroplane” – In my opinion, we should not lose our hope in trouble.

What risk did the pilot take?

The Pilot in the chapter black airplane was going from France(paris) to England. On his way,he was encountered black stormy clouds. He took the risk to fly inside the clouds into the storm. He took the risk because he was eager to meet his family.

Who is the target reader of mother tongue?

The intended audience of Amy Tan’s essay “Mother Tongue” is the people who criticize and judge Tan’s mother’s version of spoken English. Tan uses the essay to convince her audience that her mother’s version of English communicates effectively and is a powerful language.

What made the pilot happy?

Answer. Pilot was going to his home for enjoying weekend with his family and to have a nice breakfast,this made him feel happy.

What message do the two stories about flying convey to the readers?

The story conveys the message that we learn by taking courage and not by sitting idle. A young seagull is fed lovingly by his parents. But when the time comes for him to fly, he feels afraid. His parents try many tricks to teach him to fly.

What message does the story black Aeroplane convey?

We should not lose hope in life. Even in the worst possible scenarios we should be able to see light at the end of the tunnel. If we take risks and face challenges with grit, determination and perseverance, we can face any storm and get rewarded with a rainbow. The Almighty sees everything but at times He waits.

What message does the author want to convey through the prose the black Aeroplane?

What does the author try to convey through the story “The black aeroplane”? The author wants to convey through the story that when a person feels helpless in the situtaion he sees his own image pretending that its the god helping him.

What is the moral of the story lost spring?

The Moral/ Message of the lesson – Lost Spring is thr grinding poverty which leads to a life of expliotation. Grinding poverty and traditions compel children to work in the most inhuman and hostile conditions. The author succeeds in highlighting the plight of such unfortunate children.

What do you understand by the chapter The last lesson what message does it give us?

The last French lesson taught by It Hamel symbolizes the loss of language and the loss of freedom for France. It becomes an emotional lesson rendered by M. Hamel to the villagers, signifying the changing order of life and its impact on the sensibilities and emotions of people.

Do you get any message from the lesson the last lesson?

The message received from the last lesson is when we lose something then we know it’s importance as the Franz realise when he was studying the last lesson. He never learn his language and at last day of French lesson he was regreting for that. So always give respect to your language.

Why is black Aeroplane called Strange?

The Black aeroplane was called strange because it was present without light on his wings and the aeroplane was totally black.

What is mean mother tongue?

Sometimes, the term “mother tongue” or “mother language”(or “father tongue” / “father language”) is used for the language that a person learned as a child (usually from their parents). Children growing up in bilingual homes can, according to this definition, have more than one mother tongue or native language.

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