What kind of music is Blue Man Group?

What kind of music is Blue Man Group?

psychedelic rock
There’s a little surf-rock cresting when it seems like a water balloon might be sent into the crowd via slingshot; there’s a whole lot of spacey, psychedelic rock providing a foundation for the main characters’ colorful discovery of their instruments and their audience.

Are Blue Man Groups different?

How many Blue Men are there total? There are four Blue Men in the touring cast and, in domestic cities such as Las Vegas or Chicago, about six performers in each cast. In the U.S. there are about 35 of us. It’s interesting because people tell us, “Oh, you’re famous!” Really, the character is famous.

Are the Blue Man Group musicians?

The award-winning performance art troupe was founded in New York City in 1988 by a trio of musicians, Matt Goldman, Phil Stanton, and Chris Wink. Blue Man Group staged its initial productions in public spaces and has since performed for more than 35 million people around the world.

What is the point of Blue Man Group?

Perhaps you’ve seen their series of commercials for Intel or caught their performance at the Grammy Awards. They are the Blue Man Group, they were formed in Manhattan and their mission is to entertain you on multiple levels – musically, visually, viscerally, intellectually and, above all, humorously.

Can the Blue Man Group Talk?

One of the key characteristics of the three Blue Man Group performers is verbal silence. Russell Rinker, a 10-year veteran of the performance-art group and one of the three Blue Men on the current theatrical tour, said group members are often asked why they don’t speak, and the answer is simple: they don’t have to.

Are there more than 3 Blue Men?

Each show has approximately three ‘Blue Men’ and three band members. So with there being about 75 groups total worldwide, there must be a continuous cycle of talent coming through the organization.

How did the Blue Man Group get famous?

But in 1991, they were invited to perform at La MaMa, the prestigious off-off-Broadway theater. The show created a buzz, and that summer Blue Man Group took part in Lincoln Center’s Serious Fun Festival.

Is Blue Man good for kids?

Blue Man Group is a family-friendly performance appropriate for kids, teens and adults, and we have many group packages specifically for youth groups. Children under five (5) years of age are not permitted into the performance.

Is Blue Man show good for kids?

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