What is Zuko uncle name?

What is Zuko uncle name?

Uncle Iroh is the brother of the Fire Lord and uncle to Prince Zuko. He was once a great general and now functions as Zuko’s travelling companion and counsel.

Is Zuko’s uncle alive?

Zuko’s beloved Uncle Iroh never exactly died after Avatar: The Last Airbender. Instead, he found a new life in the spirit world.

Is Zuko’s uncle good?

Although Iroh mostly retired from politics and the military, he was still well respected in the Fire Nation and well-liked by soldiers because of his personality.

Who is Sokka’s son?

Sokka wasn’t able to be with his moon, but Varrick was. Now, maybe all these little Easter eggs are unrelated. Maybe they’re meant as a fun homage and nothing more. But maybe, just maybe, they tell a hidden truth of Avatar: The Last Airbender – that Varrick was Sokka’s son all along.

Is Zuko blind in one eye?

He lost some vision in that eye for sure. Looking at an image of Zuko now, I notice something I never bothered to notice before: his burned eye is squinted.

Is Zuko Ozai’s real son?

Zuko is Ozai’s son, but after reading the letter (spoiler), Ozai confronted Ursa and never trusted her again or Zuko’s kinship. Ursa and Ikem planned to have children and created names, one of which was for their first born to be named Zuko. She always looked at Zuko as a reminder of her love for Ikem.

Did Zuko become a member of the White Lotus?

There still are claims on TV Tropes that Katara and Zuko are members of the White Lotus in Korra’s time, even though there’s no real evidence of this within the show itself.

How old is Ozai?

45 years
He was born in 55AG. That’s 55 years after the Air Nomad Genocide. The source can be found in The Search: Library Edition. Considering that you have to add 45 years to get to 100, and the series is set in 100AG, it is fact that he is 45.

Is Senna Sokka’s daughter?

Senna would be Aang’s neice by marriage. She would be Sokka’s daughter (Katara’s niece).

Who is Tonraq parents?

Tonraq is a waterbending master born in the Northern Water Tribe and the first child of Barruk and Hirri. His father Barruk is a high ranking military general and close friend of the Northern Water Tribe Chief Nurro, therefor Tonraq grew up with a prestigious lifestyle (which only fuelled his arrogance).

Why Zuko is really the main character in “Avatar”?

Zuko was banished for simply speaking out of turn. He was abused by his family and then cast out when he was just a teenager. He spends the majority of the series trying to capture the Avatar not realizing that what he really should be doing is joining him until book 3 when he finally does join team avatar.

What are the swords used by Zuko in Avatar?

Master of broadswords

  • Physically stronger than Sokka and Suki individually
  • Good agility
  • Respectable speed
  • Has two swords,whereas Sokka and Suki only have the space sword and fists
  • Is Zuko more evil than Azula?

    Zuko was much weaker than Azula when it comes to Firebending. He could be seen early on in the series to be struggling with his abilities. He was stubborn, impatient and always quick to anger. These qualities slowly faded or toned down as he roamed the world and eventually he realises his destiny.

    Does Zuko have a crush on Katara?

    Zuko and Katara have personalities that could clash at times. When Zuko first joins Team Avatar, Katara is understandably not happy about this and doesn’t trust him. While they do eventually become friends, their different life perspectives and different, but strong, personalities could make for a relationship that pushes the other to be better.

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