What is Yamaha Silent violin?

What is Yamaha Silent violin?

The Yamaha SILENT Violin provides a wide variety of sound control options on the instrument itself, from just having a flat, unprocessed sound to the use of built-in reverb — making it seem as if you are playing in a big concert hall.

Is Yamaha a good violin?

Yamaha is world-renowned for being a high-quality musical manufacturer. In fact, Yamaha is credited with shipping the first CD player and makes great piano keyboards. Yamaha violins are an excellent option for anyone that is looking for a reliable and affordable musical instrument.

Are Silent violins good for beginners?

The main reason why acoustic violins are better for beginners is that they produce a resonant sound, unlike the electric violin which uses technology and wires to make the sound. The fact that the musical notes resonate from a hollow wooden body gives a natural feeling and helps the player improve faster.

What is a 5-string violin called?

What is a 5-string violin? It is a violin, with added viola range. It’s that simple.

Is silent violin really silent?

It’s one of our most frequently asked questions: “Does the Silent violin make any sound?” The answer is simple: yes it does. ‘Silent’ is a marketing word that Yamaha created with its ‘Silent’ violin line way back in the 1990’s is a solid-body electric violin with built-in headphone amplification.

Where are Yamaha violin made?

The Yamaha band instruments that are made in China are made with the exact same standards, materials, tooling, and quality control as the instruments that were made in Japan, USA, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc.

Are electric violins silent?

Yes, electric violins are quieter than traditional acoustic violins with a mute. If we compare the intensity of sound, there is a clear difference, from louder to quieter, between: Acoustic violin played naturally, A simple mute, such as this Tourte style mute, usually kept on the violin in case needed.

Can a beginner play electric violin?

Can you start playing an electric violin as a beginner? The short answer is yes, you can. However, you have to keep in mind that the response from an electric instrument is different than the response of an acoustic one. More specifically, on an acoustic instrument you get more response than on an electrical one.

How much does a 5-string violin cost?

The average violin costs about $2,000, with a bow costing another $500 or so. If you want to get an electric 5 string violin, you’ll pay a bit more. These usually cost around $3,000, not counting a bow.

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