What is TSCC?

What is TSCC?

Telemetering Standards Coordination Committee (TSCC), which is sponsored by the International Foundation for Telemetering, is chartered to serve as a focal point within the telemetering community for the review of standards documents affecting telemetry proposed for adoption by any of the various standards bodies throughout the World.

Who are the original members of blue?

Blue are a Scottish pop rock band, formed in Glasgow in 1973. The band currently consists of Hughie Nicholson, Ian MacMillan and David Nicholson. Formed and fronted by ex- Marmalade guitarist Hughie Nicholson, Blue signed to RSO Records and released their eponymous debut album the same year.

What happened to the band Blue?

In June 2003, Hugh and David Nicholson of 1970s Scottish band Blue took the group to court, attempting to sue them and their record label EMI for £5 million. The case was a high-profile High Court case over the rights to use the name Blue.

What was the High Court case over the use of band names?

It was a high profile High Court case over the use of the band’s name. But the judge opined that “it is not difficult to distinguish between the present day pop group, and the original users of the group’s title”. They subsequently came to an agreement that they could continue to share the name.

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